Is Chipotle Healthy? What to Order

Is Chipotle Healthy? What to Order

Is Chipotle Healthy? What to Order

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How to Order Healthy at ChipotlePhiladelphia, PA - A Chipotle meal can be a healthy, balanced meal, or it can be a calorie disaster. Nutritionist Keri Gans, the author of The Small Change Diet, offers some advice. The build-your-own option at Chipotle lets you customize your meal, allowing you to reduce the fat, carbohydrates,  - sodium, and calories in your order. She also suggests making small substitutions for the larger portions.

How to Order Healthy at Chipotle

A burrito with the usual toppings and rice contains 320 calories. However, you can get a healthier version of this dish by choosing brown rice instead. This option provides more fiber, which increases your energy levels. If you're a fan of rice, you may want to select a lighter portion. However, rice is a staple of most burrito bowls, and you may want to choose a side salad instead.

If you're a vegetarian, look for meals made from plant-based proteins. Chipotle offers black beans, pinto beans, and sofritas, crumbled soy. A bowl of black beans and fajita veggies is also an excellent choice. Depending on your dietary restrictions, you may even be able to order a salad bowl with steak, fajita vegetables, guacamole, and a side salad.

Choose a smaller corn tortilla at Chipotle. One corn tortilla has close to 300 calories, 80 percent of them from fat. Adding guacamole, chips, and soft drinks to the meal can add over two thousand calories. However, if you're a vegetarian or vegan, you can choose a healthier option with white or brown rice and fajita vegetables. The same goes for the green salsa, which has only a few grams of fiber.

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