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Philadelphia, PAThe Jason Thompson Foundation - The Jason Thompson Foundation is set to host the Summer Soiree benefiting and bringing awareness to cardiovascular health at Union Trust on Thursday, August 1. FOX29’s Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick are set to host the event brings to light the heart health challenges children and young athletes face.

Finding to Top 5 Lunch Salads in Philly

Top 5 Lunch Salads in PhillyPhiladelphia, PA - Is there really anything more perfect for lunch than a great salad. They’re light, healthy, portable, you can pick and choose your toppings, and you can find one on just about any menu in Philly. Here in Philadelphia were are lucky though, because Philly is home to some great spots not only to grab a decent lunch salad but a fantastic lunch salad.

Health Insurance Company Reimbursement Methods Are Killing People

Philadelphia, PAHealth Insurance Company Reimbursement Methods Are Killing People - News flash: substance use disorder – aka drug use, aka addiction – is dangerous. Okay, most of us already knew that, what with more than 70,000 lives lost to drug overdoses last year alone. Only about 10% of people struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol seek treatment though. And those who do now face an added layer of danger from an unexpected source: their health insurer.

Press Release

Photo by Suhyeon Choi

Treatment Exists for Opiate Dependent Pregnant WomenPhiladelphia, PA - It happens. Women who are addicted to alcohol or drugs become pregnant and need specialized care so that both baby and mother are healthy. While many want to focus on the outrage that a woman becomes pregnant while in active addiction, the focus should be on helping both the child and the mother.

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