What is Bobotie?

What is Bobotie?

What is Bobotie?

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BobotiePhiladelphia, PA - Bobotie is a South African dish made from spiced minced meat baked in an egg-based topping.  It is delicious and healthy and makes a great meal! If you've never had bobotie before, you're missing out. It is a traditional South African dish and a great way to try new cuisine.

Bobotie, What Is It?

It originated in the Malay community of Cape Town. Slaves from Southeast Asia were brought to Cape Town to work for the Dutch East India Company, which used Cape Town as a resupply port. The slaves contributed to the local food culture by bringing interesting spices and cooking techniques from their homelands. Today, bobotie is commonly made in a conventional oven.

Bobotie is pronounced ba-Boo-tea and is derived from the Malayan word boemboe, which means curry spices. The recipe was first found in a Dutch cookbook in the 17th century, and it was declared the national dish of South Africa in 1954. Most of the ingredients for bobotie are available in your pantry.

Bobotie is made with ground beef infused with curry spices.  The meat is seasoned and cooked until tender. Then it is topped with an egg custard layer. It is often served with yellow rice and sultans and is a delicious way to enjoy a savory, rich meal.

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