What is Scotch Woodcock?

What is Scotch Woodcock?

What is Scotch Woodcock?

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Scotch WoodcockPhiladelphia, PA - Scotch woodcock, is a savory dish typically served on toast spread with anchovy paste or a condiment called Gentleman's Relish. It is sometimes topped with black pepper or chopped herbs. It is a traditional British breakfast dish and has been enjoyed by people of all ages for centuries.

Scotch Woodcock

This savory dish is made by scrambling eggs with anchovy paste and served on toast. The dish was inspired by the Welsh rarebit and was popular with Victorians. The recipe dates back to Victorian times and has even been served at the House of Commons refreshment rooms! It was also traditionally served at the Oxford and Cambridge Club, and the recipe was first published in Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management in 1861.

Scotch woodcock can be prepared in many ways. You can either cook it in its shell or in its skin. Either way, the flavor will not disappoint. You can serve it with soft scrambled eggs or anchovies. You can even spread anchovy paste on toast.

Its misleading name might make it sound more appetizing than it is. Scotch woodcock is traditionally served warm. It is a traditional Scottish snack. The open-faced sandwich contains anchovies, eggs, milk, capers, and parsley. Often, Scotch woodcock is served with a savory cream sauce.

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