The Wooder Ice at Pop's: Is a South Philly Tradition

Pop's Homemade Water Ice - A South Philly Tradition

Pop's Homemade Water Ice - A South Philly Tradition

South Philly
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Pops Water IcePhiladelphia, PA - If you're looking for a unique way to cool down in the summertime, look no further than Pop's Water Ice in South Philadelphia. This popular "Wooder Ice" spot has served water ice to the community since 1932. They have the perfect flavor for you no matter what you're craving! You can enjoy a delicious shaved ice treat while soaking up the sun or opt for one of their many other refreshing drinks.

Pop's Water Ice: A Sweet Slice of Philly Tradition

Step back in time and treat your tastebuds at Pop's Water Ice, a beloved South Philly institution serving homemade "Wooder Ice" since 1932. This isn't just a way to beat the heat—it's a taste of Philadelphia's unique culinary heritage.

From classic fruit flavors to those irresistible creamy treats, Pop's has something to tantalize every palate. Their walk-up window invites you to sample the magic, watch the world go by, and maybe even talk with a fellow water ice enthusiast. With rotating seasonal flavors, there's always a fresh delight to discover.

A true Pop's experience calls for the ultimate local combo: perfectly textured water ice in its retro paper cup paired with the salty goodness of a fresh, twisty, soft pretzel. One bite of that perfectly balanced sweet and savory duo, and you'll understand why it's a Philly legend enjoyed for generations.

Why Pop's is Special

Sure, water ice is simple – but that's its charm. Pop honors that tradition while adding its unique twist. Whether you're a lifelong Philly resident or curious visitor, one taste will transport you to a simpler time filled with sunshine and summer's sweet, tangy flavors.

Ready to experience a genuine Philly original? Follow the scent of sweet flavors down to Pop's on Oregon Avenue and become part of the delicious legacy.


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