Philadelphia’s Italian Market is 100 Years Old

South Philly
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Italian Market South PhillyPhiladelphia, PA - Philadelphia’s Italian Market, the oldest and largest working outdoor market in the United States. How Old? This year is the market 100 year anniversary and in many ways, its still has the same nostalgia it had in 1915. Today 9th Street is where South Philly old meets South Philly new.

Still predominantly Italian it has the best of many cultures and cuisines to offer the shoppers. Gourmet cooks and tourists alike can explore and discover the depth and breadth of the multitude of products available here. The streets of the market are still lined with fruit and vegetable stands made famous by the movie Rocky and just walking down the street on gets the scene of history and pride this market has to offer.

Market info.

General Hours of Operation

Tuesday thru Saturday 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday:9 am to 2 pm

Today's Vendors: This list of stores, vendors and stands below is by no means the entire Italian 9th Street Market that runs from Wharton to Federal Streets.  There are literally hundreds of family-owned businesses in the Italian Market.  The listing below is those businesses that have a presence on the web, either here on this site or within a site of their own.
D'Angelo Bros. Products, Inc.
Anthony's Italian Coffee House
Carl's Farm Eggs
Ralph's Restaurant
Esposito's Meats
Talluto's Pasta & Cheese
DiBruno's Cheese
Cannuli's Meats
Betty Ann's Flowers
Michael Anastasio Produce
Orlando's Meats
Villa di Roma Restaurant
Ac. & S. Discounts
Queen Cut-Rate
Spice Corner
Lorenzo's Pizza
The Market Smoke Shop
Micali Fish
Claudio's King of Cheese
Grassia's Italian Market Spice Company
Rensullis Water Ice
Triple Play Sporting Goods
George's Sandwich Shop
Dan Khang Chinese Apothocary
Armand Rey Jewelry
Fante's Gourmet & Kitchen Wares Shop
Superior Pasta Co.
Anastasi Seafood
Evantash Ladie's Foundations
Butcher's Cafe
Hollywood Meat Market
Iannelli’s Bakery
Isgro Pastries

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