What’s On the Menu Tonight? The Best Cooking Channels on YouTube for 2023

 The Best Cooking Channels on YouTube for 2023

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The Best Cooking Channels on YouTube for 2023Philadelphia, PA - Cooking is cool. Something happened in the 1980s and, to a larger extent, the 1990s. All of a sudden, chefs became like rock stars. Everywhere you turned, there were cooking shows on TV; it’s a niche that continues to attract attention today.

The Best Cooking Channels on YouTube for 2023

Perhaps it’s because such tv shows are very inexpensive to shoot and produce, or maybe, more likely, the subject matter is something that is of real use to the average man or woman watching. By watching such shows and digesting relevant books that were published, you and I could look to hone our own talents and become just like those on tv. Clearly, on the whole, we didn’t come close to doing so, but generally speaking, we have, as a society, become a whole lot more interested in food and cooking in general.

This interest has only increased in the internet age, and we can’t get enough of cooking content on the web. Whether it’s looking at expertly curated shots of meals on Instagram or avidly viewing YouTube channels showing the best chefs in the world in action, we just can’t get enough.

By the way, if you are a foodie and are considering setting up your own YouTube cooking channel, you can do so relatively easily, and if you are passionate about the market and want to give it a go, there are plenty of ways to do so that will not necessarily result in high associated costs.

For instance, you can look to edit your own content once you’ve gotten familiar with an intuitive online editing software package and could also use royalty-free music for videos as well as stock footage, where needed, to give your channel a more polished and professional feel.

So let’s take a look at the best cooking channels on YouTube.

Jamie Oliver

Clearly, Jamie needs no introduction, and the British chef whose restaurant endeavors and cookery books are hugely successful, has been running his page for over a decade, and it’s a very useful channel offering viewers the chance to put together memorable dishes.

Oliver’s style makes things very easy to follow, and his approach is very welcoming and, in many ways, draws the curtain on the skills and abilities needed to put together fine cuisine. 

He has over 5.8 million subscribers, and there are almost 2000 videos to consume on his channel.

Joshua Weissmann

This YouTube channel is a mine of great content. Whether it’s putting together well-known dishes and recipes in a manageable way to, his food comparison videos, or his cooking on budget segments, there is a lot to enjoy here.

Joshua’s channel has been in operation since 2014 and has over 7.8 million subscribers, and all his videos are entertaining and well-presented.


This channel comes via Buzzfeed and has over 20 million subscribers. There is a lot to love here; whether it’s cooking experiments, short clips, to full-on recipe ideas, it’s all good and the perfect foodie content to consume online.

Their most watched content includes ‘I Made a 30-Pound Burger’, which has over 45 million views, and ‘We Made a 25-pound Ramen Bowl for a Sumo Wrestler’, with over 30 million views, and this is kind of an idea of the lighter side of what the channel has to offer.

New York Times Cooking

Obviously, the New York Times needs no introduction, and their cookery niche is well known, and their YouTube channel, which launched in 2019, is very popular with budding chefs or those who want to hone their skills.

Each of their videos is hosted by a cook, some famous and others less so, who shows you their take on a specific dish. Everything is well presented here, and you get a nice worldview of the art of cooking, and it’s all very educational and informative.

The channel has nearly 600,000 subscribers and is growing at quite a pace.

Babish Culinary Universe

This channel has been running since 2006 and has over 10 million subscribers, and interestingly you’ll only really ever see the host's hands and torso as food takes front and center, as it should.

The chef does a masterful job of simplifying the art of creating fine cuisine, and we like the videos where he looks to create dishes from TV shows and movies, and yes, this even includes his attempts to make Spongebob’s famous Krabby Patties.

The most successful video on this channel shows Babish attempting to make the Ratatouille from the beloved Pixar movie and has over 30 million views.

Pro Home Cooks

This channel offers very useful tutorials that are very much aimed at those who know their way around the kitchen but are looking to take their talents to the next level. The host, Mike Greenfield, is very engaging and breaks things down in a way that makes everything infinitely doable, which is what you need from an effective teacher.

This channel began in 2013 and has 3.89 million subscribers and among its most popular videos are ‘15 Mistakes Most Beginner Sourdough Bakers Make’, which illustrates the niche this channel exists within.

Very much a foodie’s paradise, full of helpful knowledge that is well presented by a host who is clearly passionate about the field.

These are just a handful of YouTube channels in this field that are much loved, and frankly, this list could have been three times as long and still only contain content of a genuinely useful, entertaining, and educational nature, which is a sign of just how large an audience this type of social media output enjoys.

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