Karving Out Thyme For a Homemade Meal

Karving out Thyme for a Homemade Meal

Photos: Amaris Pollock

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PhillyBite Karve and Thyme SaucePhiladelphia, PA - Summertime usually means having less time to make a nice sit-down meal for the whole family as you face more activities outdoors.  Although I do not have a whole family to feed, I certainly find myself having less time to make meals. As such, I turned to two companies that are trying to make life easier for people who want a delicious home-cooked meal that brings everyone’s busy lives together.

offers healthy pre-portioned meats that you would find at your local butcher. And before flash freezing their products at their peak freshness, they trim the extra fat so you have a healthier meal. What else makes this company rise above any other, is that they deliver a month’s worth of products to your door. For all the busy home-cooks out there, this means less time having to worry about what is in your fridge, and more time to prepare a healthy and nutritious meal.  

KarvThyme1I also have the luxury of using Bottled Thyme.  This is another company that understands the need for a high-quality product that can be used to diversify whatever meals your family wishes to make.  With their piquant flavored sauces, you can make a healthy gourmet dinner or down-home meal in a short amount of thyme!

To save me that time and test out both products, I used chicken cutlets (in their frozen condition) and a whole bottle of Bottled Thyme’s Chicken Jus. I placed those two products, along with a few additional ingredients together in a crockpot to cook.  While I was out of the house working and running errands, my crockpot was magically making a delicious meal of and Bottled Thyme’s products.

I am only one person, so I don’t need to make too much food. However, I do like having leftovers whenever I cook, so using both chicken cutlets from Karv was ideal.  And the Chicken Jus was amazing! As soon as I open to the bottle I can smell all the fragrant flavors float to my nose. As soon as I taste it, the quality of the sauce is palpable on my palate.


If you can imagine it, when I opened the door of my house it was as if a restaurant was waiting for me to come home.  The scent of a home-cooked meal, hot and ready to eat welcomed me back. I smelled the wonderful flavors of all the ingredients mixing together in the air, and I couldn’t wait to dish up the meal provided by two amazing companies!  The Chicken Cutlets from were tender and juicy and had no trace of the toughness that most meats are like once when they have been frozen. It was as if I had simply gone to the store and bought them from the butcher.

As far as the taste of the meal was concerned, I delved into succulent bites of chicken flavored with the Bottled Thyme Chicken Jus.  The sauce infused the Chicken Cutlets, and both products emphasizing the delicious flavor. I may have a busy life, but that no longer means I have to sacrifice a comforting and healthy home-cooked meal. If you would like to enjoy the same benefit of living a life-on-the-go and come home to a delicious dinner-made-easy, I suggest you look into and Bottled Thyme.

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