5 Rules to Building and Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

5 Rules to Building and Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

5 Rules to Building and Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

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Long Distance RelationshipsPhiladelphia, PA - Long-distance relationships can be trying, and sustaining such unions comes at a price. It is well worth the struggle when marriage is in the air. Upon meeting a potential soul mate online, there are certain steps one needs for the relationship to work. These aren’t necessarily rules. They are ways proved to work in establishing better long-distance relationships.

Long-Distance and Long term

A long-distance relationship rarely turns out short term, unless things spiral out of control. It is difficult to maintain interest in a relationship where couples rarely meet. However, with a few tweaks here and there, couples can realize great strides in their union. Check out five rules, or suggestions, which have worked for many on international dating sites like this, and continue to help couples, get hitched.

Live Communication

Long-distance relationships automatically mean you are rarely together physically. If both are in different time zones, it becomes remarkably harder to communicate. Bigger challenges occur if one is further east or west. Finding time for a live chat, be it video or texting, becomes challenging. Both parties must revisit schedules, including nap times, to facilitate communication better. Changing sleeping hours ensures couples on international dating sites like this timely and live communication.

Ground Rules

When beginning a long-distance relationship, less is known regarding the other party’s shenanigans. It means there need to be rules regarding what we engage in away from our partners. It is not a default characteristic that all long-distance relationships will be open. There should be exclusiveness, meaning commitment from both parties and respect for each other’s feelings. If a partner cheats, there should be consequences similar to being in normal relationships.


European babes have a strong union with family, and for your long-distance relationship to last, it requires introductions. Make time for live video chatting with a few family members, from her end and yours. This cements your relationship even further, making for a greater chance of you meeting family members. If one partner keeps putting this stage off, it could mean they are hiding something.


Also, keep in mind cultures while dating someone from international dating sites and things will blossom. Keeping in mind what they regularly engage in makes it easier to understand them. If you call constantly and they are never reachable, it could mean they are enjoying quality time. One might need to travel and be present more regularly, to become part of that family. Cultures could also mean your bride-to-be may not be available for marriage. Rather, they could only be available for chatting and flirting. It helps in keeping expectations low.


Aside from ground rules, there are expectations to keep in mind. As mentioned earlier, marriage might not be in the air, but hooking up is. If that is your intention, let it be known. Flirting and sharing personal information with someone in a long-distance relationship is trying. It can leave one frustrated and weary. If the relationship is not meant for the long-term, it is better to find out sooner rather than later. Some ladies only want to get hitched for citizenship too. This can be investigated at the beginning, so that you may know her true intentions.

Long-distance relationships built between college sweethearts are vastly different from ones online. In both instances, sustaining these relationships requires extra effort from both parties. It is difficult maintaining a relationship on international dating sites like this, and easier when you have a foundation. Keeping in mind differences in time, schedules and cultures is important if a relationship is to be sustained.

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