The Complete Asian Hookup Guide in Philadelphia

The Complete Asian Hookup Guide in Philadelphia

The Complete Asian Hookup Guide in Philadelphia

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Asian Men and WomenPhiladelphia, PA - Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and has 1,61 million people. This number suggests that getting dates shouldn’t be difficult, but things aren’t always as they seem, especially for those with a type. Those seeking Asian partners struggle to find matches in Philadelphia because they make up only 7,6% of the population. We’ll look into numbers, list rules for getting dates, and give warnings. Long story short, you’re reading the complete guide for getting Asian hookups in Philly.


Asian Men and Women in Philadelphia: What’s the Catch?

We said that Asians aren’t the majority in Philly, but that fact alone doesn’t mean much without more context. Even if every person in Philadelphia was Asian, you couldn’t get dates if they were all married.

Luckily, Philadelphia usually ranks high on lists of best US cities for singles. According to the US Population Census, on April 1, 2020, there were 47,3% of men and 52,7% of women in Philly. The gap is even wider if we exclude children. There are 46% men and 54% women over 18. Let’s add more numbers…

Meeting people who might be single shouldn’t be an issue if we look at detailed age demographics in Philadelphia. Even if you’re seeking Asian hookups. Look at the percentage of citizens in Philadelphia between 20 and 54:

 Asian Dating Graph

To save you from doing the math. People most likely to be sexually active make up 50% of Philadelphia’s population. That’s 793,661 people! If 7,6% of them are Asian, we get 60,318 people. That’s a lot, even if half of them aren’t single. Why do people then struggle to find Asian partners?

The first thing single people do when they want dates in 2022 is to join a dating site. But they often join the wrong platforms. Those seeking hookups should be on the site for Asian hookups because that’s where single Asians from Philly go to get dates quickly. Why? Because they know the site is just for them and those who want to date them without falling in love. It saves time and prevents false hope from rising. People looking to settle down wouldn’t be happy with the results from the hookup site because they’d feel like black sheep. And that leads us to the first rule of getting Asian dates in Philly.

Finding an Interracial Match in Philly: Rules to Follow

Rules for interracial dating in Philly aren’t much different from rules in any other big city in the US. The first rule is the most important. It’s crucial to be where those you’d like to date are (offline and online). And by those you’d like to date, we don’t just mean ethnicity. Be at the places (and sites) where people you’d like to date look for the same type of relationship as you do. It’s good to read reviews of different places before looking for potential partners offline. Yelp is always handy for that, so there’s a list of top Asian nightlife places in Philly. Anyone with basic flirting skills and enough confidence should have a chance in each of those.

Showing interest in a partner’s culture is another rule you can’t forget. Depending on the type of relationship, that’s more or less necessary. But if a couple plans to stay together longer than one night, that’s a fundamental part of building a relationship. Visiting restaurants where couples can show their traditional food to partners is always a fun thing to do. When a new place opens, eating there with someone special is special. And there’s a new Turkish place at 944 N. 2nd Street in the Northern Liberties neighborhood. It’s cool to visit even after hookups. Or better yet, before.

The Downsides and Pitfalls That May Arise

As you know, Asians make up just 7,6% of Philly’s population, so it may be tricky to meet single Asians. And it’s even more difficult for single ladies because there are more women than men in Philadelphia (54% to 46%). Language can also be an issue because not all Asians in Philly were born in the US. Cultural differences might lead to fights, which is dangerous even in casual relationships. No matter how strong the chemistry is, it’s hard to be with someone completely different. That’s why interracial (intercultural) relationships require massive amounts of understanding.

One pitfall specific for Philly is that people know each other even though it’s a big city. There aren’t that many Asians, and those closely related to their culture hang out mostly with people around them. Add with busy schedules everyone has to endure, and there’s not much time for dating. However, everyone who follows the rules for Asian dating from this guide should be able to meet someone.

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