What To Look For When Buying a Wedding Cake

What To Look For When Buying a Wedding Cake

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Philadelphia, PAWhat to look for when buying a wedding cake - Whenever preparing a grand wedding reception, do not forget to give special attention to the cake. There is undoubtedly, needless to say, a particular chain of events as well as best practices which happen to be essential to adhere to, to avoid disasters.

What to look for when buying a wedding cake

When you're ready to pick out a cake, you will want to first set up meetings with at least three local bakers as well as sample their offerings. If you have been to or will be going to a bridal show, you'll be able to take care of this particular task conveniently during the show.

If you're like me and have a particular look you’re going for, make sure to take some pictures of what you like before meeting with prospective bakers. It's additionally a good idea to take your very own cake topper (if you have it) along with fabric swatches from the bridesmaid's dresses. Also, be ready to give the baker’s an expected number of attendees that you will be anticipating on attending.

Wedding CakeWhenever you meet with a new baker, make sure to ask about their portfolio of photographs of previous jobs they have completed. Plus, always check references before making a final choice.

When questioning the bakers, ask each one the very same questions to guarantee that you are not overlook something and so that you'll be able to make an accurate contrast. A few things to find out include set-up and take-down of the table where the cake is going to be, exactly who is going to place the cake topper on the cake, who is going to put napkins, plates, flowers, etc., and who will be directing the cutting of the cake.

Additionally, find out exactly where the cake will be stored before the event, precisely who will be in charge of boxing up the cake top and delivering it to a designated person, just what agreements will be made for the left-over cake, and who is going to cut the cake as well as distribute it. Slicing a wedding cake is a lot trickier than it seems and must undoubtedly be carried out by somebody who is accustomed to the steps.

Be sure to go over the baker’s written agreement, and take note of a few things. For example, you ought to instantly see the name, contact person, location, and phone numbers for the bakeshop. The cake size, shape, as well as the number of tiers, must certainly be on the agreement. Make sure that the cake flavor(s), fillings, plus icing are mentioned and that returnable item are explicitly indicated.

Always be sure about the number of guests the cake should serve is included in the contract as we;; as when the cake was ordered, when the cake will be delivered and set up, exactly what the set-up fee is if any, and finally the due dates for deposits as well as balances.

In conclusion, deciding on a wedding cake can definitely be a lot of fun. You get the opportunity to taste some goodies along with making a few light-hearted choices concerning fillings, flavors, and decorations. Though, in the process, make sure you are noting every one of the details that will need to be discussed and that you're confident within your baker's ability to supply the cake that you are anticipating.


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