What is Tennessee-Style BBQ?

What is Tennessee-Style BBQ?

What is Tennessee-Style BBQ?

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TENNESSEE - At home in the South's barbecue belt, regional styles are celebrated for their own distinct flavor and many recipes have been passed from generation to generation for generations. It would be nearly impossible to identify food unique to one state as each region has so much to offer and learning about their differences is fun!

Memphis style pork ribs are perhaps Tennessee's signature dish of barbecue, known by both their dry or wet varieties. Dry ribs can be coated in a dry rub composed of spices such as paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder and cayenne before being smoked; wet ribs on the other hand are basted during smoking with tomato-based sauce to create moist results.

Nashville style sauce differs significantly from Memphis in both thickness and tang, being sweeter and seasoned with numerous herbs and spices that remain secret; some even require signing a contract to obtain ingredients!

Famous Tennessee BBQ foods include smoked bologna, moon pies and Jack Daniels whiskey; all three have become national brands that transcend their home state of Tennessee. But for a true experience of their local flavors, take a road trip through the Barbecue Belt of the South!

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