Cheesesteak Joints That Allow Smoking

Cheesesteak Joints That Allow Smoking

Cheesesteak Joints That Allow Smoking

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Philadelphia, PACheesesteaks Philly - Different cheesesteaks #971 & 972 in the last four years are shout-outs to people that like a cigarette (or Cigar) and a drink with their cheesesteak lunch. Guest eater Amigo Dan and I traveled to Montgomery County to find these two smoking havens. I think each represented their respective towns well.

Two Smoking Cheesesteak Joints

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Hykel's

Guest Eater Amigo Dan. 971st different Cheesesteak in the last four years. Smoking at the bar since 1938. Most likely, the original bar is back in the front bar. Don't ask the painting owner on the front wall is him. It is a different cheesesteak experience later in the day (and/or weekends) when Hykel's has more than one employee working.

The lone employee was doing a good job; he was just doing all of the jobs. We got our usual Cheesesteak with fried onions and mushrooms. I liked where he was going with the mushrooms and onions, and if he had more time, they would have been pretty darn good.   Nice conshohocken roll. There is a good amount of cheese, but you can see in the video that the cheese needed a better melt. 2704 E County Line Rd, Ardmore, PA. Scored 86/100.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Pizza Time Saloon

Pizza Time Saloon, Conshohocken, PA. 972nd different Cheesesteak in the last four years. Guest Eater Amigo Dan. Pizza Time Saloon is connected to the Old Time Saloon. You can stay in Pizza Time Saloon and drink a beer with your Cheesesteak. Or, you can go next door to the Old Time Saloon. The Old-Time Saloon has Sea Isle Spiked Ice Tea, Mad Elf, and Liz, and they allow smoking.  

Liz is a show woman, and she keeps the crowd entertained. Several video games to play between drinks. The Cheesesteak is an average-ish pizza shop cheesesteak. It comes on a good Conshohocken roll. The meat is okay. It needs more cheese and a more even melt. The onions and mushrooms needed more grill time. 628 Maple St, Conshohocken, PA. Scored 87/100.

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Jim PappasThe Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure -   Hi, my name is Jim Pappas, and I have eaten hundreds of different cheesesteaks in the last year. A year ago, on May 16, 2018, I started my Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure to find the ultimate cheesesteak. To see more great cheesesteak places, check out my website at The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.

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