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Where to Eat in Center City for Under 10 Bucks

Where to Eat in Center City for Under 10 Bucks

Photo by Armando Ascorve Morales

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PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - Philly has been named one of the best restaurant cities in Philadelphia has been named one of the best restaurant cities in America and I have been lucky enough to live in it. I would like to share with you the places that give you the most " bang for your buck" in the city of brotherly love.

  1. Cavanaughs Rittenhouse - Cavanaughs has a special deal everyday of the week, here is their cheesesteak with tater tots which is half price on Mondays, it's not the greatest cheesesteak you'll have, I'm fact there are a lot better ones but all this food only comes to 4.99 after tax which makes it an incredible deal

  2. McCormick and shmicks - Every weekday at happy hour these guys offer a huge burger and fries platter for just 5.40 after tax. .once again it'd not the most delicious burger that you'll ever have but it's a great value

  3. Davios – Every weekday at happy hour they offer complimentary hors de vours and I like the way that they hand them out to each group of people and if your alone you get it all for yourself

  4. Miles Table - On Wednesdays, they put their burgers at half price...it's a great burger with an excellent brioche bun but the bun is way too big for the smaller burger, fries also comes with it and they are very good also...total comes to around 7 bucks

  5. Locust Rendezvous - These guys offer a burger and fries deal for just 5 bucks...it's a half decent burger with just OK fries but at 5.40 after tax, it's decent enough to fill you up

  6. Tattooed Mom - They probably have the best deal with their 3.00 burger on Wednesdays, it's a good size and at 3.24 after tax, it's a real bargain

  7. Lorenzo Pizza - They have an unbelievably huge slice of pizza that can literally be enough for two people for just 3.50, one slice fills me up and I've got a huge appetite

  8. Tavern on Broad - I was very surprised by the size of their 5.00 burger here, mine was perfectly cooked and for a grand total of 5.40 that's not too shabby

    XIX - Their weekday business lunch has an appetizer buffet and a dessert buffet my problem was the main course wasn't that great and it was 22.00 so of course, I took advantage of the buffets

    Wrap Shack - They have 6.00 wraps during the weekdays which is good news, the bad news is that the chicken Caesar wrap was not good

    Primos on South Sreet - At 5pm in the bar area you can get a Primo hoagie for just 5 bucks, the tuna
    hoagie that I had was extremely dry but a good size for a grand total of 5.40

    El Rey - During their happy hour - you can get tacos for 2 bucks but you must buy 2, I was disappointed in their tacos and thought that they were mediocre at best with bland meat

    Distrito – At happy hour you can get tacos for 2 bucks but you must buy two, I loved their tacos and was dazzled by the very tasty meat and I'm looking to actually return which is very rare for me

    I hope this info helps you make the best decision to give you the most "bang for your buck

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