Weather in Cape May, NJ

Weather in Cape May, NJ

Weather in Cape May, NJ

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Philadelphia, PAWhat The Weather Like in Cape May, NJ - The climate in Cape May varies from year to year. Summers in Cape May are warm and humid, while winters are cold and wet. Most of the time, temperatures in Cape May are between thirty-nine and eighty degrees Fahrenheit, and it rarely goes below 16 degrees. Still, a general guideline for determining the right time to visit is the late June to early September period.

What The Weather Like in Cape May, NJ

The average day length varies from fourteen to fourteen and a half hours. The weather in Cape May is partly cloudy. The average annual temperature ranges from thirty-six to eighty-one degrees Fahrenheit. The weather in Cape May has a climate index (Which indicates the average temperature for a given month) that shows the probability of different types of precipitation.

Cape May experiences a seasonal variation in snowfall. Cape May receives about 3.5 inches of snow during February, while a snowless period lasts about eight months. A less than ideal winter climate in Cape May is likely to lead to a higher risk of cold weather. Regardless of the time of year, it is a good idea to plan your vacation accordingly.

You can find a real-time local weather report in Cape May, NJ, visiting the city's official website. The information provided is based on historical hourly weather reports and model reconstructions. All records are corrected for differences in elevation and MERRA-2 satellite-era reanalysis. There are two weather stations in the region close enough to contribute to the estimation of Cape May's average temperature and dew point.

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