Philadelphia Breaks World’s Largest Cheesesteak Record

Philadelphia Breaks World’s Largest Cheesesteak Record

Philadelphia Breaks World’s Largest Cheesesteak Record

South Philly
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PhillyBite10 Philadelphia, PA - UPDATE 5/24/2021 The record-breaking world cheesesteak was attempted at Rene Kobeitri's birthday bash. Known as "The Godfather Birthday Party, it" took up three city blocks and South Philly's Italian Market. Starting from Wharton St to Washington Ave on 9th St. The previous record was 500 feet, but South Philly Cooks and Chefs extended that by 10 feet to break the record with a 510-foot cheesesteak. However, the attempt has not been made official. See... Philadelphia Makes The World's Longest Philly Cheesesteak 510 Feet Long

Philadelphia's Steve’s Prince of Steaks and Amoroso’s Bakery broke the record for the world’s largest cheesesteak, with their 480 feet long cheesesteak. Their cheesesteak broke the previous record of 426 feet, set in 2011 by Frankie and Deb Santos in Tucson, Ariz. The event will take place at Lincoln financial field during Philly's first-ever festival honoring the famed sandwich.

Philadelphia Breaks World’s Largest Cheesesteak Record, the record was previously held by Tucson, AZ, Frankies South Philly Cheesesteaks, and Acacia Real Food & Cocktails, who combined efforts in April 2011 to create a 426-foot Philly Cheesesteak at the University of Arizona Mall. 

To beat the Tucson record Philly had to top the 400 lbs of meat, onions, and seasoning were grilled up before placing it on the specially baked 426-foot roll. And finally placed 100 lbs for Cheez Whiz on top of the massive sandwich to complete the world record.


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