What is a Philly Taco?

What is a Philly Taco?

What is a Philly Taco?

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The Lorenzo's and Jim's Challenge Philadelphia, PA - What is a Philly Taco? It's a sandwich that originated in Philadelphia. It's also known as the Lorenzo's-Jim's Challenge, South Street Sushi, and Lorenzo's-Jim's Taco. This sandwich is essentially a cheesesteak wrapped in a giant jumbo slice of pizza.

The Lorenzo's and Jim's Challenge

The Philly taco's history is complex, but its origins are simple. Many restaurants in Philadelphia specialize in this type of street food. They include Jim's Steaks and Lorenzo's on south street. So, to get your own Philly Taco, you have to take a trip to both Jim's and Lorenzo's and purchase both Jim's cheesesteak and Lorenzo's giant slice of pizza. Then you roll your cheesesteak inside your pizza slice, and just like that, you now have a Philly Taco.

The Philly taco has many names. Some refer to it as South Street Sushi or Lorenzo's-Jim's Challenge, but it has become known as a Philly Taco to its faithful fans. Traditionally, this is a cheesesteak wrapped in a large pizza slice. It's a mashup of two extremes - an iconic Philadelphia food.

However, there are some tricks to eating a Philly Taco. The proper way is to wrap the pizza lengthwise, not the pigs-in-a-blanket style. That way, you'll get more pizza in each bite. The final bite is mostly pizza crust, but there's a tiny nub of cheesesteak roll. Only the strong will survive.

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