Cheesesteaks From Tommy's Kitchen at Callahan's Grill

Cheesesteaks From Tommy's Kitchen at Callahan's Grill

Photo: Jim Pappas

South Philly
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Callahan's Grill - 2615 South St, Philadelphia, PAPhiladelphia, PA - I have now eaten 897 Different Cheesesteak with unique guest eaters @actuallymjd Instagram and his crew of LaSalle Track alumni 2012/13.

Callahan's Grill on South Street

Last week I was chatting politely and taking small bites on the mainline. This week, I talked loud and did shots with some young bucks at a quintessential corner/neighborhood south Philly bar.

Different apps have different titles for Callahan's. Still, our table's consensus is that we had Cheesesteaks from Tommy's kitchen at Callahan's.

According to the regulars, avoid Thursday night because that is kickball league night, and the place gets packed. I have an excellent left foot, but no one was recruiting me. This could be old news.

Someone commented on Instagram that Tuesdays were $6 Cheesesteaks. The cheesesteaks usually are $10. Great price, especially if Tommy has too many fries, likes you, or isn't paying attention and adds fried to your plate.

I loved the old-school heavy wood in Callahan's. It is a little harder to see the beauty in the copper ceiling, but it is there. Very few I'll call them repairs instead of renovations. The bartender/server/host/barback/cleaner was fantastic, welcoming, friendly, and provided excellent service.

Not mentioning any names but Rich Hoffman Jr insinuated that I am old, slow, and wouldn't do well in a game of 2 on 2 basketball against him. Tommy can cook. Surprisingly an extensive menu.

To be clear, I was expecting; Cheesesteak, burger, hot dog, wings, and soft pretzel. Broccoli Rabe was an add-on. Breandan got the Long Hots on his cheesesteak.

I was worried when I first saw the roll; it looked a little bready but turned out to be almost perfect. It had a nice seeded crust. When bitten, the roll collapses perfectly around everything inside it.

The extras were great compliments to the cheesesteak. The meat was a touch dry on top. This cheesesteak is a slice (or two) of cheese away from being a top-tier cheesesteak.

Callahan's Grill - 2615 South St, Philadelphia, PA

Drive TO 1,000! 887 Different cheesesteaks eaten in the last 3 years. I'll be at 1,000 different cheesesteaks by the end of the year. I love guest eaters, e-mail me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join me. Actually, I will join you at your favorite spot.

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Jim PappasThe Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure -   Hi, my name is Jim Pappas, and I have eaten hundreds of different cheesesteaks in the last year. A year ago, on May 16, 2018, I started my Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure to find the ultimate cheesesteak. To see more great cheesesteak places, check out my website at The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.

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