5 Decor Pieces That Will Give Your Home a WOW Factor

5 Decor Pieces That Will Give Your Home a WOW Factor

5 Decor Pieces That Will Give Your Home a WOW Factor

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Philadelphia, PA5 Decor Pieces That Will Give Your Home a WOW Factor - Our homes are more than just a place to live. They are bound to be our stress-free and peaceful nooks to escape the loud and chaotic world outside. Since people are creatures of habit, we tend to avoid radical changes in our interiors. However, boring designs aren’t an option either! To make your living space inspire and uplift you all year round, revamp it with an element of surprise.

Anything from juicy-colored arm chair covers to accent vintage decor will give your room the desired wow effect in a matter of minutes. How come? Here are a few ideas to consider when approaching the home makeover with a fresh perspective.

1. Elegant Wall Mirror

Don't let the mirror’s functionality fool you! Apart from being extra helpful in your daily beauty routines, any of these, when styled right, will turn into a powerful aesthetic punch. Consider choosing mirrors with intricate frames made of metal, wood, or other unique materials that can serve as a focal point on your walls.

Additionally, mirrors of all sizes can help reflect light and make your space appear larger and more open. Still doubting? Opt for sets of decorative mirrors and enjoy an original composition that will definitely grab your visitor's attention whenever they come by.

2. Lounge Chair

Luxurious elements such as mid-сentury modern lounge chairs create a sense of elegance and effortlessly add a wow factor to your home. Not to mention the extra comfy reading hours! Customized or artisanal furniture pieces like these can instantly make a room feel special as they exude authenticity and style.

Consider a lounge chair in a bold color or with unique design details to make it a statement piece in your study or home office. Lounge chairs are also a great addition to sunrooms or outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, or balconies. Whatever their intended use might be, let your lounge chair speak of your great taste without saying much!

3. Retro-inspired Coffee Table

Do you miss the charm and character of yesteryears? Wow, the inhabitants of your modern home with a touch of nostalgia! A retro-inspired coffee table is a perfect option to give an extra focal point to your living room, patio, or even backyard! Retro coffee tables, with their sleek lines, rounded edges, and minimalist silhouettes, will instantly transport you back in time while still being perfect for holding your favorite books and magazines or simply having a relaxed convo over a cup of steaming coffee. Inject more life into any interior with a retro coffee table of vibrant teal, yellow, and orange, including classic red color, and accentuate the area of your house that needs more attention.

4. Velvet Curtains

A luxurious set of velvet curtains is essential for creating a dramatic atmosphere in any room. The ideal jolt of style and texture! Choose a deep color, such as emerald green, rich burgundy, or royal blue, to create a focal point and add some regal vibes to your living space.

Make sure the color complements the overall color scheme of the room and coordinates with other elements, such as furniture and accessories. For instance, pair velvet curtains with smooth and sleek surfaces like a minimalist modern sofa or a glossy coffee table to create an eye-catching contrast.

5. Colorful Floor Rug

Add a splash of color to your living room, entryway, or bedroom without doing much. A colorful floor rug can be a fantastic addition to any interior space, injecting vibrancy, personality, and warmth.

Choose a rug with colors that complement your overall color scheme or create a striking contrast against your existing decor. For example, a brightly colored rug with shades of pink, yellow, or blue can add a playful and eye-catching element to a neutral-toned room. At the same time, a rug can help tie together different pieces of furniture, such as sofas, chairs, and tables, creating a cohesive and inviting seating arrangement.

Yay! Seems like you are fully ready to create a “wow” interior of your own! Remember, it’s all about pushing boundaries: experiment with unique elements, mix different styles and materials, and infuse your personal style into the design. With creativity and a thoughtful approach, you can create an interior that leaves a lasting impression and wows anyone who enters the space.

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