How Does Music Help Us Work More Efficiently?

How Does Music Help Us Work More Efficiently?

How Does Music Help Us Work More Efficiently?

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Music Work Philadelphia, PA - Most offices today use the open space concept to be able to work more efficiently. It is very difficult to stay focused in open offices (as in cafés, where freelancers often prefer to work remotely). Fortunately, music can help solve this problem. While familiar office partitions are removed to make the room more open, music is becoming an effective tool to help you be more productive.

How to enhance the impact of music in the office?

Since the choice of music and control over its playback is so crucial, it is very important to become familiar with the different styles and know what impact they have on motivation and concentration. Listening to complex compositions can be far from the best way to increase productivity if your work requires serious mental effort. However, the truly limitless world of digital music allows you to create an effective playlist for all tastes. Try any of the following popular genres:

  • Lo-Fi — a trend in the hip-hop genre, which is characterized by low-quality sound recording. It helps when learning and for increasing concentration. Lo-Fi 24/7 streaming channels are gaining millions of views on YouTube. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the lofi background music free download and select the copyright-free tracks according to your tastes;
  • Orchestra compositions or classical tracks for inspiration. Mathematicians are 12% less likely to make mistakes when they work with classical compositions in the background;
  • Trance dance tracks for speed and performance. Editors, listening to this music, complete their tasks 20% faster;
  • Ambient tracks help you not get bored and focus on repetitive tasks. Listening to such music improves the accuracy of data entry by 92%.

The opportunity to select tracks and control their playback is very important.

“If music is imposed on people, it can irritate them greatly. And we know that office noise has a serious negative impact on the health, well-being, and productivity of employees,” says Anneli Haake, who defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Sheffield (UK) on the impact of music on work results.

The world where there is no silence

75% of Americans suffer from at least one painful symptom per month due to stress. This is evidenced by data from a 2017 study by the American Psychological Association. Survey results on the effect of music on mood show how individuals can manage their mood with it. Respondents use it to calm down, distract themselves, or throw out negativity — all of which help us manage stress.

The music we listen to at work also has a beneficial effect. A recent Spotify study found that 61% of respondents turn on their playlists while working to improve their mood and productivity. Moreover, 90% of employees achieve better results, and 88% are less likely to make mistakes when using music as a productivity tool. So, if you work in an open space office, make sure it has a pleasant musical background.

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