Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas For On The Go Lifestyles

Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas For On The Go Lifestyles

Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas For On The Go Lifestyles

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Breakfast HealthPhiladelphia, PA - They say breakfast is your most important meal of the day. And it's probably true if you're looking to start your day off on a good foot. But, breakfast also helps set the pace for the rest of the day.


The Best Breakfast for Weight Loss, According to Your Lifestyle

However, it's essential to make sure you eat breakfast daily and the best breakfast possible. So we have created a list of the seven best things to eat for breakfast.


Over the years, eggs have received a bad rap over cholesterol issues. As feared, they do contain cholesterol. However, it's the "good" kind that does not raise your cholesterol level. But, eggs are also very healthy, and they are also high in protein. Plus, there are numerous ways to prepare an egg, as you probably already know.


Yogurt is a leisurely breakfast because it comes in convenient little cups. Greek yogurt is quite nourishing, contains protein, and helps with weight loss. Also, many Greek yogurts contain fruit, but make to get yogurt containing live cultures, which should be clearly marked on the label.


Fruits contain a ton of fiber and also helps with weight loss. Try pre-cut bananas, grapefruit, oranges, apples, even watermelons for a quick breakfast on the go.


Most people don't think of veggies as a breakfast food. But, they are extremely nutritious and also contain high fiber. Veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, and beets can be eaten raw and made into a great breakfast smoothie.


Oatmeal is relatively straightforward to make and can be purchased in different flavors to match your taste. Oatmeal also contains fiber, which can help you feel full for most of the day. It's also helpful in lowering your cholesterol level.

Whole-Grain Pancakes

Another straightforward breakfast, as many brands are sold frozen and cooked in the microwave or toaster. Waffles are also a great choice, or perhaps French Toast. However, try to avoid sugary syrup; Try topping off your waffles or pancakes with fruit, yogurt, or preserves.


Yes, sandwiches can also be a nutritious breakfast. However, stay away from that cheap white bread; Instead, try using 100% whole grain bread. One of our favorites is peanut butter and jelly, but please read the labels. It's best to use peanut butter made from only nuts and either salt or oil as added ingredients, nothing else; they are more expensive but are worth it. Jellies or preserves should as well contain only fruit.


There has been much discussion about if coffee is healthy or not. Generally speaking, it's OK to have some coffee for breakfast, but no more than a cup. And make sure to prepare one of the above food items with it. Finally, avoid adding a lot of cream or sugar; try fat-free milk with no or very little sugar.

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast that does not include foods like bagels, doughnuts, and the like can give you a significant boost to your morning, as well as the rest of the day.

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