Breaking Away from Prepared Meals

Breaking Away from Prepared Meals

Breaking Away from Prepared Meals

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Home Meal PrepPhiladelphia, PA - It may seem convenient to grab frozen prepared meals at the grocery store, which only take a few minutes to heat up on the stove, or worse – with the microwave.

Spending Time to Meal Prep

However, you most eventually lose what you save in time and convenience regarding health, as prepared meals are unbelievably high in fat, sodium, and additional unhealthy preservatives.

Try spending a few hours in the kitchen during some free time. Use your time to do all of the prep work for your week's meals, portion them into ziplock bags, and this way, your meal is halfway done when you get home from your busy day during the week.

You can also use this time to cook some of your meals ahead of time, which speeds up dinner through the week as all you have to do is reheat your meal.

Cooking from Scratch

Cooking from scratch is always a healthier option and allows you to control what goes into your meals, and let's face it, there's nothing quite as good as a home-cooked meal.

Now you may be thinking that scratch cooking requires more culinary knowledge than you may have. Have no fear, as it's not as hard as you may believe it is. Many beginner-friendly recipes can be found online.

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