What is Roman Tonda-Style Pizza?

What is Roman Tonda-Style Pizza?

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Roman Tonda-Style PizzaPhiladelphia, PA - The most common question regarding Italian pizza is, "what is Roman Tonda-style pizza?" The answer is simple, but the answer is not so straightforward. The style of Roman pizza varies depending on its origin. There are two main variations: a rectangular base and a round one. Both are cooked at lower temperatures than other forms of pizza. The essential characteristics of each style are the same: a thin crust, crispy edges, and a clean, crisp bite.

Roman Tonda-Style Pizza

The essential characteristics of this style of pizza are a crisp base, a thin crust, and an olive oil sauce. It is not the same as Neapolitan-style pizza, so you should not confuse the two styles. While both styles are delicious, the difference is in the texture. Roman pizza's thin base and crispy crust make it much easier to eat and appreciate the toppings. It is a trendy style in Italy, and the number of pizzerias creating it is growing rapidly.

Another critical difference between the two styles is the thickness of the crust. The Italian version of pizza is usually thin and crispy, but Tonda-style is more delicate. The crust of the Roman pizza is less thick than that of Neapolitan-style, making it easier to handle with one hand. In Italy, it's also known as Scrocchiarella and is a paper-thin, crunchy pizza. In Philadelphia, Tonda-style pizza can be found at Prunella Midtown Village

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