Remember When: Burger King's Halloween Whopper Causes Green Poop

Burger King's Halloween Whopper Causes Green Poop

Burger King's Halloween Whopper Causes Green Poop

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PhillyBite10In 2015, Burger King introduced a limited-edition Halloween Whopper featuring a black bun infused with A1 Sauce. This spooky creation quickly became a social media sensation, but not necessarily for the reasons Burger King intended. Customers soon reported a surprising side effect: their poop was turning green.

A Halloween Treat with a Colorful Consequence

Twitter was flooded with posts from bewildered Whopper eaters, describing their experiences with varying degrees of humor and alarm. The hashtag #greenpoop even started trending as the phenomenon gained traction online.

The culprit behind this colorful consequence appeared to be the dyes used to create the burger's black bun. Burger King remained tight-lipped about the exact ingredients, but rumors circulated that a combination of blue and red dyes might be responsible for the green hue after digestion.

This wasn't the first time Burger King had dabbled in black buns. The previous year, a Black Burger was released in Japan, colored with squid ink. However, the U.S. version's recipe remained a mystery, adding to the intrigue surrounding the green poop phenomenon.

Despite the unexpected side effect, the Halloween Whopper was a popular menu item, perhaps even fueled by the online buzz. Whether customers were drawn to the novelty of the black bun or the thrill of a potential bathroom surprise, the burger certainly left its markā€”both in the digestive tract and on social media.

While the green poop phenomenon may have been a marketing mishap for Burger King, it also highlighted the unpredictable nature of food dyes and their potential impact on our bodies. It serves as a reminder that even the most seemingly harmless ingredients can have unexpected consequences, adding a touch of real-life horror to the Halloween season 2015.

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