Is It Taylor Ham or Pork Roll

Is It Taylor Ham or Pork Roll

Is It Taylor Ham or Pork Roll

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Philadelphia, PA - Is It Taylor Ham or Pork RollJohn Taylor is often attributed with being the first to develop Pork Roll. George Washington Case (Not President Washington), a farmer as well as butcher out of nearby Belle Mead, New Jersey, later on, produced his formula for pork roll in 1870. Case's had been packaged in corn husks.

Is It Taylor Ham or Pork Roll

Taylor initially named his product "Taylor's Prepared Ham," however, was forced to modify the name after it failed to satisfy the legal meaning of "ham" established by the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. Distributed as both "Taylor's Pork Roll" as well as "Trenton Pork Roll," it quickly found competition from products with similar labels such as "Rolled Pork" and "Trenton style Pork Roll." After Taylor took legal action against his competitors in a 1910 legal case and the court ruled that the phrase "Pork Roll" wasn't able to be trademarked.

Today, North Jersey locals carry on the term Taylor Ham, whereas South Jersey and Philadelphia prefer the term Pork Roll, alongside Central Jersey residents making use of a mix of the two.

Nowadays, a few companies still produce pork roll including Case's Pork Roll, Loeffler's Gourmet, Hatfield Quality Meats as well as Alderfer Premium of Harleysville, Pa.


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