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PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - Today, Bottled Thyme announced the immediate availability of Thyme In A Box, a “gourmet finishing sauce subscription plan.” Thyme in a box is the only gourmet subscription plan that brings fine dining home! Each month you will receive a gourmet finishing sauce, a gourmet spice and a fine dining quality recipe delivered to your front door. It’s the perfect gift for the food lover in your family! Thyme In A Box Availability

Bottled Thyme believes that the family unit is one of the most important parts of life and helps bring balance to an otherwise hectic schedule. One of the most influential times of the day for families is the tradition of sitting around the table, enjoying a nice meal while sharing stories of what the day was like for everyone. What once required an afternoon of preparing and cooking is no longer necessary. Bottled Thyme aims to provide you with the same flavorful and delicious meal, all while not having to sacrifice your time.For more information on Thyme In A Box:

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