Burgers and Blue Benefiting the Cherry Hill Food Pantry

Burgers and Blue Benefiting the Cherry Hill Food Pantry

Photos: Amaris Pollock

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 PhillyBite Habit BurgerPhiladelphia, PA - On July 18th The Habit Restaurants, Inc. partnered with the Cherry Hill Township Police Department to raise funds for the Cherry Hill Food Pantry (CHFP).

Representatives from The Habit Burger, the Cherry Hill Police Department, and the Cherry Hill Food Pantry were available throughout the day. As customers entered to enjoy the fast-casual restaurant, the friendly and affable representatives greeted each customer and readily answered questions.  

To participate in the day-long fundraising event, customers presented a digital or printed flyer which was available on The Habit Restaurants, Inc. website.  Once shown, you could enjoy one of The Habit Burger Grill’s made-to-order meals while 20% of the proceeds from your order benefitted the CHFP—helping to feed local families in need.

I indulged in their Super Food Salad, which was delicious and fresh—made with quinoa, kale, cranberries, chicken, with a pesto-based dressing which was earthy and sweet. While eating, I spoke with Michael Doyle who is Chairman of the Cherry Hill Food Pantry and Outreach Council.

 Cherry Hill PoliceDistrict Manager for Habit Restaurants, Inc. Russell Caratenuto with Director for the Cherry Hill Food Pantry Rich Burke, standing with Cherry Hill PD officers.

According to Michael Doyle, the CHFP serves 750 families in the area who can shop in their food pantry which is set up just like a real grocery store.  The Cherry Hill Food Pantry contains healthy, fresh produce and products; families who go there choose whatever items they want to use, unlike other pantries which hand out a bag filled with pre-selected products.

To accomplish that, the Cherry Hill Food Pantry relies on local houses of worship to run the pantry, along with fundraisers like the one that The Habit Restaurants, Inc. was hosting with the Cherry Hill Police Department (CHPD) to help fund the availability of fresh and healthy foods.  

As I spoke with Chief William P. Monaghan of the CHPD, I could see the humbleness and gratitude in his and the other police officers who were present at the event. When asked how the Cherry Hill Police Department felt about the event, “We are happy to be a third party for the Cherry Hill Food Pantry, and for Habit Burger Grill to allow us [CHPD] to be a conduit for some charitable work within the community, and to bridge some gaps with members of the community when they come here [The Habit Burger Grill] and interact with the police on an informal basis while enjoying a good burger.” 

I have attended a few of The Habit Restaurants, Inc. outreach events, and I can physically witness the efforts they take to benefit their community members through charitable works. 


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