Chef Van Houten’s Bordelaise Sauce - Bottled Thyme

Chef Van Houten’s Bordelaise Sauce - Bottled Thyme

Photos: Amaris Pollock

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PhillyBite Bottled ThymePhiladelphia, PA - Making Thyme for a Family Meal - Life gets busier as we move forward; the older we get the more hectic our days become. Learning to balance whatever free time that is available along the way and squeezing it into varying tasks and schedules.  And whether you are single or have a family, it’s always nice to slow down and enjoy a nice hot meal.


Given time constraints, there are plenty of ways to do this: you can go to a restaurant, order take-out, or choose to make a meal at home.  If doing the latter is not easy for you to accomplish, but you would prefer to make your own meals, there are products that are perfect for you.  One of these products is from a local company called Bottled Thyme, and is owned by Chef Michael Van Houten and his wife Heather.

Thyme CookingI have several of his small-batch marinades to try out, and the first one I tested from his line of products is the Bordelaise Sauce.  Michael Van Houten explained to me that he loves to use thyme in his recipes, because it is his favorite herb. As such, the Bordelaise sauce includes that lovely gem of flavor, along with a strong influence of a Cabernet. As soon as I opened the bottle my olfactory receptors picked up on the robust red wine, and I knew that tasting it was going to be a pleasure.

The immediate strong flavors of beef stock and the cabernet hit my palate, and I believe my first taste of it also had black pepper laced within the sample I had licked off a spoon.  After those flavors began to subside, I could taste a very light sweetness and citrus that lingered. There were other flavors mixing together on my tongue, but as an overall reaction—this is a very piquant product, and I am sure will be well received by everyone who purchases it.

I used Chef Van Houten’s Bordelaise Sauce to create a beef dish with pasta, to it I added some more wine along with other fresh herbs and spices.  I knew that on its own, the Bordelaise Sauce would flavor the dish without a problem. However, I was making a larger portion, so I needed to increase the flavor notes that the marinade contained.

After everything was plated, my guest and I ate a very hearty meal which we were both extremely satisfied with.  I loved how delicious Chef Van Houten’s marinade was, and I look forward to trying out his other products. For this first marinade, I had only wanted to taste-test it and then introduce it on its own levity.  Given how exquisite the flavoring was, I highly recommend using it. For anyone who lacks the extra time it takes to make a gourmet and healthy meal at home, this product will help accomplish that for you and will not take a lot of time to make a lovely family meal.

For more information on Michael and Heather Van Houten’s company, and to find recipes that will save you some thyme, click here.

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