What is the Science of Whiskey Drinking

Science of Whiskey Drinking

Science of Whiskey Drinking

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PhillyBite10 Philadelphia, PA - When it comes to whiskey, there is no exact rule of thumb when drinking whiskey, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make the experience a lot more enjoyable. It should be pointed out that if the general rule of thumb is not observed, there is still no reason not to enjoy this beautiful spirit. 

Ice in Whiskey

You should never put ice in a great drink as it kills the taste and aroma. However, some do prefer it this way.  The glass that is originally designed to accept a fine malt whiskey is extensive at the top and gently slopes in for the very reason of not comfortably receiving a bed of ice, as the intention is to steer away from this practice. This glass is by most called a tumbler.

Sipping Whiskey

When purchasing exceptional malt, the price, like many things, will indeed reflect the quality you get since with scotch, you tend to get what you pay for. There are a variety of alcohols available for a low price in which you can get a buzz. However, fine scotch should be sipped and enjoyed.

Mix Drinks and Whiskey

Good malt is not an appropriate mate for a mixing party and does not kindly take a soda.  It tastes much better with pure bottled water. The best pairing with exceptional malt would be of the mineral water variety. Bottled water is tolerated by malt without hesitation. At 40-60% alcohol, whiskey is indeed a strong spirit and will get the attention of the less than experienced in drinking it. Throwing in a dash of mineral water will soften the blow to speak and calm its aggressive nature. The term "the whiskey will open itself" concerns the aroma that is released when water is added, so a few drops will undoubtedly bring even the most experienced malt drinkers to bliss.

Cask Strenght Whiskey

The beautiful thing about cask strength is that at approximately 60% alcohol per volume rate, this is one potent drink, in turn, allowing the drinker to tone it down to an appropriate alcohol level to suit personal taste making this an ideal drink to customize.

The makers of these fine spirits advise that you take a small mouthful and hold it in your mouth, swish it around your tongue, giving it time to settle.  Only then will you get the true nature of this fine malt.

Tip: Finally, on a closing note, after a swallow, it is said that you can get a good read on the maturity of the malt by how long it stays with you in your mouth.

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