Cafe 101: Black Coffee Vs. Flavored Coffee

PhillyBite10If a purist asks whether you want your coffee black, the answer will often be an inadvertent yes, then an inward grimace. Of course black coffee is delicious. Drink it like a hero, right? Not necessarily.

Drinks 101: America's Iced Tea

PhillyBite10America's Iced Tea - Iced tea's popularity can be traced to the heat wave of 1904 when tea merchant Richard Blechynden decided to serve tea over ice at an exposition in St. Louis. Americans have since perfected different methods of making iced tea, along with several innovate recipes.

Coffee 101: How to Getting The Perfect Grind

PhillyBite10Roasting your own coffee beans is far easier than making wine at home. You can achieve excellent results. There are many varieties of roasters available, but it can be done in a popcorn maker or frying pan. However, you must assure that your equipment is spotlessly clean. There is nothing worse than coffee infused butter or fish oil.

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