Guide to Tea Cupping And Why Is Important

Tea cupping is a process of tasting and evaluating the quality of loose leaf tea. Tea cupping is a process that includes a number steps and is a vitally important method because tea quality varies widely. Tea cupping is a combination of art and science that is used by tea lovers throughout the world to maintain tea quality and tea drinking satisfaction.

A Brief History of Coffee

Coffee is probably one of the most popular beverages consumed by adults, yet many do not know coffee history very well. Understanding coffee history will make you appreciate that rich aroma you love so much. According to Arabic legend an Arabian goat herder was going about his daily activities when all of a sudden his flock of goats began dancing around a green leafy plant.

A Good Coffee Mug Can Makes All The Difference

Almost everyone has their favorite and you are no exception when it comes to your favorite coffee mug. Its that special and you love the feel of it in your hands and are really disappointed if someone else in the family is already using it for their beverage. 

Philadelphia: New Coffee App CUPS to launch in February 2016

Philadelphia (Jan 27, 2016) - Starting in early February, CUPS will be bringing all of the above benefits to Philadelphia. Users who sign up on this page will receive a free coffee gift upon launch, and there will be massive discounts on 15-cup plans for all of our new Philly users.

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