How To Keep Your Coffee Warm Longer

How To Keep Your Coffee Warm Longer

Best Insulated Coffee Mugs Keeping Coffee Warmer

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Philadelphia, PA Keep My Coffee Warm Longer - Having a warm cup of joe in the morning is what sets our day straight. When you’re a coffee-lover, having coffee in the morning gives a good boost to stay active and energetic throughout the day.

Keep Your Coffee WarmerHow Can You Keep My Coffee Warm Longer?

Now, wouldn’t it be a shame that you have your steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning, and just a few minutes later, it feels like it’s near ice-cold already? You’re looking forward to enjoying your freshly brewed coffee. Still, upon taking a sip of it, you’ll only end up disappointed? We know how that feels, and we’ll try to avoid that.

Listed below are the tips on how you can keep your coffee warm longer.

Using an Insulated Travel Mug

Keep Coffee Warmer LongerWhile using a coffee mug is easier to use and clean, it’s not that successful in keeping your coffee warm for longer periods. It’s open, and it allows air to easily cool the drink out. That’s something you avoid with an insulated mug.

An insulated travel mug works because aside from having a tight lid, it also has insulation features. With proper insulation, it keeps the heat inside and prevents any cold temperature from penetrating the content.

Depending on the travel mug that you’re going with, some can retain the heat for a whole 24 hours. It’s a great option, especially when you’re too occupied with work that you often forget you have a cup of coffee at hand.

What’s great about this is that you can also bring this everywhere you go. You can heat a cup of joe at home before heading to work to refrain from buying at commercial coffee shops, helping you save money.

Using a Cup Sleeve

If you just enjoy drinking from a cup, using a cup sleeve would be beneficial in keeping your coffee warm. Cup sleeves are cheap and handy. You can bring it with you everywhere without consuming space on your bag.

Cup sleeves don’t only help keep your coffee warm, but it also helps protect your hands when the mug is too hot to handle. Plus points for cute designs that allow you to further customize your mug.

When choosing a cup sleeve, make sure that it is made of thick fabric and allows minimal breathability as much as possible. Make sure that it’s tightly compressed and has no holes from the knit or crochet process. This will help guarantee that it’ll hold the warmth of your coffee much longer.

Getting a Cup Warmer

If you find that the cup sleeve is not working according to your liking or you want to keep it warm much longer, a cup warmer should be able to do the trick. Sites like can provide you with some useful information about the best cup warmers available on the market.

All you need to do is place your coffee on top of the cup warmer and power it using a USB. It’ll be a great friend when you’re working on your computer and want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee now and then. Aside from placing this beside your computer, there’s also a cup warmer designed for your car so you could keep your coffee warm as you travel.

Coffee Warmer

Preheating Your Coffee Mug

One trick that has been known to many is preheating their mugs before adding their cup of coffee. When your mugs are warm enough, they’ll be able to turn the heat around for a longer period. When you add a coffee with a cold cup, the cold temperature would instantly affect your coffee’s temperature making it cooler and might cause it to taste stale.

You can preheat your cup by filling it with boiled water and let it sit for a minute. When the cup heats up, you could drain the hot water and replace it with your coffee.

To maximize the effect of a preheated mug, you could also add on a coffee sleeve so that it’ll be warmer for a longer period of time.

Adding a Lid to My Coffee Mug

If you don’t have enough budget for an insulated travel mug since it can come with an expensive price tag, you can purchase a mug with a reusable lid. It’ll not guarantee that it could make your coffee warm for 2 hours, but it should be enough to keep it warm longer than a bare coffee mug.


A cup of coffee is best enjoyed when it is warm. It’ll allow you to smell the aroma of coffee and make you feel truly relaxed and at the same time energized. It’s an energy booster, and our day cannot be complete without it. Having a fresh cup of gourmet coffee will help lift your spirits.

It’s recommended that you try to keep your coffee warm, especially if you prefer to drink your coffee cup for longer hours rather than chugging it in one seating.

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