Sioux Trading Post Cheesesteak Review

Sioux Trading Post Cheesesteak Review

Photo: Jim Pappas

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Sioux Trading Post Cecilton, Maryland  Delaware - I ended up in Middletown Delaware once again. I think I've been here three times in the last two weeks, I wanted to get away from the coronavirus, so I came to Cecilton, Maryland. So, I tried out the Sioux Trading Post. I had this on my 'go-to' for a while now.

Sioux Trading Post Cecilton, Maryland

Cecilton seems like a cool little town and passed two bars that I would love to try on my way into town. Sioux Trading Post had free samples of their cranberry bread, so I took it piece, and It was delicious. But, I was here for my Cheesesteak.

Royal Farms is right across the street and busy, but it looks like the locals come to Sioux Trading Post to eat, sit and chat about the day's events.

With your choice of two cheesesteaks on the menu, a regular cheesesteak, and a pizza steak. The young woman behind the counter said the pizza steak gives her heartburn, but everyone else loves it.

I was apprehensive about this Pizza steak; it was $10.95, plus tax (66 cents, move to DE). When I unwrapped it, I didn't see very much sauce, and I didn't see much cheese. So, I was very skeptical.

But, the flavor from this Pizza steak smacked me right in the kisser. I can't believe how much flavor the wisp of sauce generated. I couldn't see cheese until about my third bite, but I tasted it right from the start. Nice soft good Lucio roll.

I was excited to come here. I was excited when I saw two bars that I would really like to try. Sad when I realized the bars were closed. Excited when I saw locals chatting and enjoying baked goods. But disappointed that I couldn't sit in one of the rocking chairs on the porch.

But I was happy when I saw the Liscio roll box. Sad at $10.95 plus tax. Sad about the tiny amount of sauce. Sad that I didn't see much cheese. Extremely happy after eating this Cheesesteak. This was very flavorful and an excellent stop.

Address: 102 E Main St, Cecilton, MD 21913

imageedit 2 2923580203About the Author:

"I'm Jim Pappas from Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. I've eaten over 600 different cheesesteaks in "Two Years".

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