Mojito The Prefect Summer Drink

Mojito The Prefect Summer Drink

Photo by Alex Block - Mojito The Prefect Summer Drink

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PhillyBite10Philadelphia, PA - Mojito's are generally one of the most fashionable drinks worldwide, It’s talked about on television, it’s in publications, it’s almost most eveywhere. So I looked to see just what all the fuss was actually about. first, its a minty cocktail featuring rum. Seems like a thing I might enjoy, so I made the decision it was time to consider the Mojito.

Prior to selecting a recipe to attempt I made the decision to do a little research first. Now let's see, it’s a Cuban mixed drink which makes a awesome summer drink. Seems great so far. It also claims to be Ernest Hemingway’s second preferred drink other than the Daiquiris. Impress, it’s got history as well. Alright, I’m sold, so just how do you create this thing.

So, it's only rum mixed with club soda which is straight forward enough and yet the challenging part is the fresh components. One need to incorporate mint leaves, lime juice and sugar inside the glass or pitcher and then muddle them. Muddling is actually using a mortar and pestle however you should do it in the drink glass. This mojito looks like a drink in which I need to understand just what it tastes before attempting it at home.

Hence i might go to bar and sample it but I made a decision to run the liquor store and purchase a Rose’s Cocktail Mixers which I’m a big fan off. All you have to do is incorporate one part rum and 3 parts Rose’s Mojito Mixer and you have a Mojito. So i'm certain this is going to give you a good idea just what a Mojito is expected to taste like.

There fore my thoughts, the Mojito is certainly a summer drink, perfect for those warm days spent around the pool. The mint is refreshing, the lime flavor quenches and the rum does the job. Now it’s time for me to find my mortar and pestle.


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