5 Essential Tips for a Tasteful Buffet Feast

5 Essential Tips to Navigate Any Buffet

5 Essential Tips to Navigate Any Buffet

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5 Essential Tips to Navigate Any BuffetPhiladelphia, PA - Even if the cultural importance of buffets may be declining (we can blame the 2008 recession and increase of "fast casual" cuisine for that one), plenty of people enjoy this type of environment, some that even depend on it. Before dining at any of your local or lavish Philadelphia buffets, make sure to check out these essential tips to get the most out of your experience.

Refrain from Grabbing Food from the Buffet's Front

According to research that was published in Plos One, buffet patrons' decisions on which meals to eat first are influenced by the sequence in which those dishes are displayed. 66% of the people who participated in the study picked the first three items in the buffet line, and 75% of them did so based on what they saw initially. Thus, avoid selecting the first meal you see at the buffet if you want to get the most out of your time there.

Use Different Tongs for Different Trays

At a buffet, cross-contamination is a serious risk. Sharing serving utensils for many meal trays at a buffet is one of the warning signs that should tell you to leave. For certain dishes, sharing utensils is harmless, but for others, it may be dangerous and downright disgusting. Using the same utensil, for instance, might transfer germs from raw sushi to cooked meats. Additionally, those who have allergies may be more vulnerable if they handle utensils that have been tainted with a possible allergen.

Take a Walk Around

Finding the best dishes at a buffet can be quite easy by just walking and looking around. You may use this time to check for any possible warning signs and items to stay away from. Start loading your plate when you've thoroughly analyzed all of your options and things to avoid.

Don’t Forget Dessert

You'll probably find crème brulées individually scooped into small portions and cakes sliced into slivers so thin you can see through them. Meanwhile, the self-serve dessert section has no limits. To take advantage of this part of the buffet, try to taste a little bite of each dessert before returning for more. Additionally, we advise staying away from the pudding since certain recipes include gently cooked eggs, which, if prepared incorrectly or kept on the buffet line, might spread possible viruses.

Select Dishes that are Often Replenished

It may be a hectic business to run a buffet. In order to overcome personnel shortages during high-service times, a buffet could make use of bigger pans. Regretfully, this implies that your food will be exposed to the elements for a longer period of time and will not be as fresh. Many foods lose quality over time, and leaving them out at room temperature increases the chance of getting sick.

The fact that wait staff are continuously restocking the pans at the buffet line suggests that the food you are being served is fresh and in great demand. Choose dishes that seem to be highly agitated and are presented in smaller pans.

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