Texas Barbecue - What is Texas-Style BBQ?

Texas Barbecue - What is Texas-Style BBQ?

Texas Barbecue - What is Texas-Style BBQ?

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What is Texas-Style BBQ?TEXAS - Texas barbecue traditions span more than 200,000 miles, so regional variations should come as no surprise. Different regions contribute unique tastes that define this longstanding culinary tradition - for instance, how ribs, pork spare ribs or brisket are prepared, smoked and served can vary significantly based on where you are in Texas.

What is Texas-Style BBQ?

West Texas-style BBQ uses mesquite wood and emphasizes meat over sauces. Furthermore, this style uses a drip pan to collect any liquid that dripped off during smoking - adding moisture and making for more flavorful bark.

South Texas-style BBQ marries Mexican American traditions with American barbecue. Its region near the border draws heavily upon Mexican cuisine for inspiration; particularly with regard to barbacoa (cow's tongue). This style usually appears as tacos; however mollejas (beef sweetbreads) may also be enjoyed as tasty treats.

Central European immigrants to Texas during the 19th century placed great importance on sausages and meats, but quickly learned how smoking could extend their shelf life; its delicious smoky flavors became highly prized items at markets. Dry rubs became essential components of this cooking style.

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