What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in NYC?

What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in NYC?

What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in NYC?

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Philadelphia, PAWhat Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in NYC? - If you have tripped, fallen, and sustained injuries, you may feel upset and confused. In addition, you may be unsure about who is responsible for the incident and the actions you need to take to get justice. Moreover, recovering compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses and other damages may be challenging to navigate.

Therefore, it is advisable to contact a New York slip and fall lawyer at Friedman Levy who can advise you on how to proceed to get financial compensation and justice. Apart from that, you can follow the steps below to ensure you get all the evidence you need to get a successful and favorable outcome.

1. Get Medical Assistance

You must get medical attention after the accident because some injuries are not always noticeable, but a doctor can identify the injuries and recommend the correct treatment for them. You don’t want to injure yourself further during this time. Visiting a medical professional can help you to get evidence through medical records, which will indicate your injuries, how they were caused, and the resulting medical bills. If you do not seek treatment immediately, the defense may try to claim that you were injured by something else other than your accident. It’s best to do everything you can to keep yourself covered.

2. Determine What Caused Your Fall

Even though you may be shocked and in pain after the unfortunate incident, you should try to determine what caused you to lose your balance and get injured. You should look around and find the cause, which in turn will help you to know whether someone else’s negligence caused your accident. Sometimes it can be that the steps are uneven, or they didn’t have any sort of grip on the steps. These are details that property managers are supposed to keep track of, and they could be held liable. These elements are important when you want to build your slip-and-fall case.

3. Take Pictures

It is particularly important to prove your liability for your accident. This way no one can dispute your claim. Therefore, if you have a camera or a smartphone, you should take many pictures of the scene, including the cause of the accident. You should also photograph your injuries. If you can present visual proof, you may get a larger settlement compared to just telling them about your injuries.

4. Get Information From Witnesses

Witnesses are third parties who are neutral, and their words are unbelievably valuable. Therefore, they can give important testimonies to support your claim. You should collect the names and other contact information if possible. Your attorney will contact the witnesses and get an official statement about how they think the unfortunate accident occurred. These witnesses are great assets as they are not connected to you and aren’t trying to seek financial compensation. 

5. Get Security Footage Of The Accident

Malls, retail stores, and other businesses usually have security cameras that record the surroundings throughout the day and night. Therefore, if you have an accident in any of these stores, you have the right to ask the management to keep the footage of your accident. If you do not request the business to store the footage, they may discard the tape or record it. You don’t want to miss vital evidence that can help your case. Keeping track of these details is important to a successful lawsuit.


After being involved in an accident, you should seek medical attention to make sure that you are in stable condition. Next, you need to identify the cause of the accident, document the scene, and collect information from witnesses. You should fill out an incident report, write down everything you remember about the incident, and collect footage from the facility where the incident occurred. Finally, you should retain an attorney to assist you in your case. Once you have all these details together, you will be in an outstanding position to receive the financial compensation you deserve.

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