Preparing for College Entrance Exams: ACT and SAT

Preparing for College Entrance Exams: ACT and SAT

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Collage PrepPhiladelphia, PA - College entrance exams such as the ACT and the SAT are used by college and university admissions committees to determine merit-based financial aid.

How to Prepare for College Entrance Exams

College entrance exams are used for a variety of purposes throughout the college admissions process.  Not only can they be used to determine whether or not a student is accepted into a college or university of their choice, but results from the ACT, the SAT, or both tests can be used to determine merit-based financial aid, eligibility for special scholar programs, or to determine whether or not a student needs remedial courses in math, reading, or writing.

ACT and SAT scores can also be used by college or university academic departments to determine whether or not a student can begin work in a popular major during their first semester or whether additional assessments, such as the Praxis I exam for education students, are required before beginning classes. So it is good for them to hire a writer for an essay who could provide them with all kinds of assignments. Anyway, it is a great opportunity to get assistance for further writing on their own. 

A student must do well on the ACT or the SAT, but for some students who may not do well on tests or who do not feel prepared, doing well on either exam means preparation.

Preparing for the ACT or the SAT

Part of preparing for the ACT or the SAT is deciding which college entrance exam a student needs to take. Some colleges and universities will only accept the SAT or ACT, while other institutions will accept scores from either test or both tests if the student decides to submit both sets of scores.

Regardless of which test a student is taking, preparing for the ACT or the SAT means practicing taking a test. The ACT and SAT exams are designed to measure what a student has learned during their educational career thus far.

For students who are unsure of how much they should prepare for the ACT or the SAT, educational programs recommend that students take a free practice test to see where a student's estimated scores fall. For students who receive a score close to where they wish to achieve or for those who earn a high score, students may need little to no preparation for the ACT or the SAT.

Students who find they need a little bit of extra preparation should look into free materials that may be available through their high school's guidance office, on the Internet or on the College Board's website.

ACT and SAT Prep Books, Software, and Classes

Students who take a free practice test and find that they need more preparation for the ACT or the SAT may benefit from a variety of test prep books, software, and classes available online or at bookstores in the reference section.

Those who need a moderate amount of preparation may benefit from workbooks and study guides, such as those published by Kaplan or The Princeton Review. These materials typically cost $20 to $30 and include test-taking strategies, college paper help, practice questions, and information about how the exam is structured and scored. Some books also include online access to additional prep materials or software that accompanies the material presented in the book.

If a student needs extensive preparation or has severe anxiety regarding test taking, an ACT or SAT prep course or private tutoring may be worth the investment. These classes or tutoring services may be offered by a local testing center, tutoring service such as Sylvan Learning Center, or by a high school or community college. Test prep classes and tutoring provide students with homework and assessments to help them prepare for the ACT or SAT and also help to simulate the actual test environment.

Taking the ACT or the SAT is an important step in the college study admission process because a student's scores can be used in a wide range of ways by many different people. Doing well on the ACT or the SAT means much more than whether or not a student will be accepted into their first choice school; it may also be the key to scholarships, honors program opportunities, or starting a student's major on time.

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