8 Commands Your Dog Should Know

8 Commands Your Dog Should Know

8 Commands Your Dog Should Know

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8 Commands Your Dog Should KnowPhiladelphia, PA - Listed below are the Essential Commands Your Dog Should Know. These can help your puppy understand where they are and how to behave around other people and dogs. In addition to these commands, you should teach your dog to stay on a leash. You should also teach your dog to leave enticing items when they're finished with them. Pacing is another important lesson. Train your dog to walk slowly by your side or stop when you stop.

8 Commands Every Dog Should Know

Leave it

One of the most basic commands your dog should know is the command "leave it." This simple command is used to prevent your dog from picking up an item and chewing it up. This command will help prevent your dog from ingesting poisonous objects and destroying your belongings. You should also reward your dog when it successfully drops the object. However, you should never force your dog to leave the item; Your dog should only be rewarded when they do so.

Drop it

Drop it is one of the most important commands your dog should learn, and they will be thankful you taught him early on. It can also prevent an unfortunate accident. Your dog's life can depend on knowing how to drop an item when playing tug of war. A strong cue, as well as a consistent repetition, will go a long way. In fact, dropping it can save your dog's life! Below are some tips to make the process of teaching it a breeze.

Watch Me

If you want your dog to learn how to sit, the 'watch me' command is an essential tool for training. This command is useful for calming your dog when it becomes excited or has difficulty focusing on you. You can also use it to solve certain behavioral problems, such as ignoring people or dogs when you don't want them to bark or be aggressive.


A command like Come is essential for recall training. Without it, your dog may not come when called, which can result in accidents. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to train your dog to come when called. Try a treat or a piece of cheese when your dog comes to you. Whenever your dog comes to you, be sure to reward him immediately with the reward. If your dog refuses to come, you can even punish him with jerky!


Among the essential commands your dog should know, stay is one of the most important. While teaching this command, remember that it should be used for short periods. The longer your dog stays, the more stress they will feel, so it's best to use this command only when necessary. Keep this command in your pocket when you need to leave your dog somewhere for a while.

Watch Me On Cue

It's not enough to teach your dog to sit or come when called; it's also important to teach him to look at you when you're around. If your dog doesn't look at you, they may have been exposed to too much distraction in their environment. To teach them to watch you, start by introducing "Watch Me" as an unfamiliar command. Once your dog grasps the concept, introduce it in a more familiar environment. Then, as your dog gets more comfortable, you can increase the length of the eye contact to five seconds.


'Look' is an essential command your dog should learn, as it prevents a variety of annoying dog behaviors. This command causes your dog to sit down, which will make it less likely to run off or jump on people. It can also help prevent your dog from getting into trouble on the street by preventing it from jumping on people and other dogs. This command is also useful in addressing behavioral problems, such as chewing up your shoes or stealing your sunglasses.

Watch Me At A Distance

A command like watch me is essential for a variety of reasons. You can use it to get your dog's attention when they need to focus on a distant object. If they is glued to his treat, they might not look up for a while. However, if your dog is looking at a distant object, they may briefly glance up and see you. Then, you can use a positive marker such as a treat to make him look at you.

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