The Abandoned Alvira Bunkers in Union County

The Abandoned Alvira Bunkers in Union County

The Abandoned Alvira Bunkers in Union County

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Abandoned Alvira BunkersPhiladelphia, PA - People worldwide have been discovering the aborted Alvira Bunkers in Union County, Pennsylvania, for the past few years. This abandoned community was once home to a gas station, blacksmith shop, school, and church. After the war, it was evacuated, and all but the church was destroyed. The town was surrounded by a large munitions factory built on 17 miles of railroad and 55 miles of roads. The munitions factory consisted of 149 domed earth-covered bunker magazines for the storage of tons of explosives. The buildings were designed to look like igloos and to keep explosives from getting out.

Exploring The Abandoned Alvira Bunkers in Union County, Pennsylvania

Today, the abandoned Alvira Bunkers are accessible by car, and you can explore them on foot. While the Alvira Bunkers are the main attraction of this park, you can also explore the cemetery on the grounds, where tombstones from the once-thriving village are preserved. You can access these abandoned buildings by car or on foot, but you may need to get out of your vehicle if you want to visit the rest of the abandoned Alvira Bunkers.

Alvira, Pennsylvania, is located on State Game Lands 252, and visiting is permitted during the hunting season. You can wear orange to protect yourself from hunters. Some bunkers open for exploring, and others are locked for storage. It's best to be cautious when exploring these abandoned structures, but radiation testing in 2011 revealed no indications of radiation. If you visit the abandoned Alvira Bunkers, be sure to wear orange!

If you want to learn about the history of this historic town, it's best to visit the abandoned Alvira Bunkers. The former government seized the Alvira town in 1942 and converted it into a TNT manufacturing plant. Sadly, this facility closed due to a lack of demand for TNT. After the war, the abandoned Alvira Bunkers sat abandoned for nearly six decades.

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