Gambling Games With the Least Casino Advantage

Gambling Games With the Least Casino Advantage

Gambling Games With the Least Casino Advantage

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Gambling PhillyPhiladelphia, PA - The casino always gets a percentage of your win - there is no difference in which table you join. The croupier will remain in a better position. This difference is due to the rules, commission, RTP in slots, etc. By playing games with the smallest house edge, the gambler increases his odds. In this article, we will review the list of gambling games with the smallest house edge.

Best Gambling Games with Least Casino Advantage


​​Blackjack is a very popular game with beginners due to the simplicity of the rules. It has many different variations, but the most common is the American, in which the dealer plays with one open card. To win, it is not necessary to collect 21 points. It is enough to beat the dealer. If the participant collects 22 or more points, he will immediately lose the bet. A large selection of blackjack types is available on the live dealer sites in Canada. The house edge of this game is 0,17%.


Craps game provides the casino a 1,4% advantage. Each round consists of 2 phases:

  • Come Out, Roll. The first stage, during which the Point number for the second round is determined;
  • Roll Point. During the second stage, the participant rolls the dice until he receives a Point or the number 7. In the first case, he wins, and in the second, he loses and passes the move to the next player.

Since the craps are purely based on luck, the player will lose money in the long run.


Baccarat is a well-known card game. The main task is to score close to 9. Before the start, you have to choose who will win - the player, the dealer, or there will be a draw. In baccarat, the player doesn’t control the situation and always bets blindly. The player’s advantage is leveled by the commission so that the casino wins by about 1.5%.

Three-card poker

In three card poker, you have to play against the dealer. Antes and Pair Plus are charged before the distribution. After the cards are dealt, the player decides whether to continue or fold. Then the participants show their hands, and several outcomes are possible. Any game strategy is focused on the probability theory of getting various hands. The house edge is usually 1,5%.

Video poker

Video poker can be compared to slots - the reel is replaced by 5 cards, from which you need to collect different combinations. The most common type of video poker is considered Jacks or Better. To receive the payment, the user needs to collect a pair of jacks or any higher combination. The casino advantage is in the payments and varies from 0.5 to 5%, depending on the type of video poker.

According to the list, the chances of winning in card games are higher, so most casinos prohibit using them for wagering bonuses, set a high wager, or only take into account a part of the bet.

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