Why Your Company's Emails Get Blocked

Why Your Company's Emails Get Blocked

Why Your Company's Emails Get Blocked

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Email BlockPhiladelphia, PA - Despite their convenience and popularity, instant messengers and live chats cannot compete with email. It is the primary communication channel for businesses and an indispensable tool for success in the digital space. Emails are used for signups, newsletters, order status updates, and more. Unfortunately, they also allow spammers to put your entire campaign at risk.


How Does My Email Get Blocked

Sending emails to addresses left by bots is no laughing matter. Did you know that this can get your own email, IP, or domain blocked? The blacklist checker by –°leanTalk lets you weed out spammers and see if your company is a violator. Such checks must precede any mailshot.

Overview of Threats

Having CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA on your site is not enough to protect it. Spammers can still overload your platform with fake data, which will affect the user experience and revenues. When websites slow down, customers abandon them. Yet, there are many more damaging consequences:

  • As spammers leave fake addresses or emails of random users, your mailing list is tarnished. Sending messages to these recipients is detected by Mail Abuse Prevention Systems. It compromises you as a sender.
  • Some users may not remember signing up for your emails or dislike their content. Instead of clicking on the unsubscribe link, they send the messages to spam. Fortunately, a single complaint is not enough to trigger blacklisting.

How Blacklisting Works

As you can see, fake entries on your mailing list may cause substantial damage. When automatic monitoring systems identify your recipients as non-existent, you land on their blacklists. These databases are generated using auto-detection and manual complaints. Eventually, the information reaches ISPs that classify you as a suspicious sender.

The motives of individual users range from forgetfulness to annoyance. Even if your emails are perfectly professional, useful, and relevant, some recipients may still report them as spam. For example, they may be frustrated because:

  • they cannot find the unsubscribe link,
  • they are getting too many emails in general,
  • they do not like your content anymore.

How to Protect Your Business

Spammers and bots disrupt marketing campaigns, leak sensitive information to third parties and cause blacklisting of honest businesses. To prevent your emails from landing in the junk, keep your mailing list in order. Prevent spammers from leaving any data on your site by installing an anti-spam plugin.

Use the blacklist database to check your own address and mailing list. Make sure all of your recipients are legit. You can also check any domain and IP address using the same tool. To speed up the process, use bulk checking services and API integration. These preventative measures will guarantee that your carefully crafted emails reach potential or existing customers, not random users.

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