6 Tips For Every Gambler

6 Tips For Every Gambler

6 Tips For Every Gambler

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Philadelphia, PASport Betting Tips - Depending on what you are gambling on, there are different methods for different games. However, a lot of tips and tricks for winning the jackpot require the same thought process. Our 6 tips below will help you earn some winning no matter what sport you are gambling on!

 6 Tips That Can Help You Earn Some Winning

Return Percentages & Ratios

Any gambler needs to know how best to play their game and all the options that are available to them. Casino gamblers, for example, can have hundreds of different outcomes, and NFL gamblers need to rely on points scored in previous games. The person eyeing up your money will give you a return percentage or a ratio of likelihood, no matter who you make your bets with. This will tell you the possibility of winning and how much money you can get back. If you want to focus on not losing money, pick the bets which have high return percentages or high ratios. If you want to focus on winning big at the cost of losing big, pick the bets which have a lower percentage or a lower ratio.

Do Your Research

This tip might feel obvious, but if you know how the game works and if you know what the other players are like, you are more likely to predict the game. If you are betting on the NFL playoffs, you may notice that Kansas City Chiefs might be the favorite to win, but they have lost their formidable touch as their starting quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is only showing mediocre talent compared to last year. This is just an example, but knowing your game means seeing how different factors could change the trajectory of the bets. Before anything becomes super clear, the betting sites will keep their ratios realistic. You could win big if you can predict a change in the waters before they update their ratios.

Waiting Can Be The Biggest Payout 

Although we just said to get your bet in before the sites change their stats, sometimes it is better to watch and wait. Using the same example as before, the Kansas  City Chief has lots of amazing players, and Patrick Mahomes could have simply started off his game on the wrong foot. This start to the NFL playoffs might not reflect the whole season. The same goes with any sport, players can be substituted, and penalties or red cards are flashed in an instant. Sometimes watching and seeing how each team is playing is the best way to know how their current games will play out. If the player who is carrying the team is taken out, and you have waited until this unsuspecting moment to click through your bet, the waiting will have paid off!

Remember That Time Catches Us All

It can be tempting to put your money on the classic winner of any game. Maybe you see a high rolling blackjack player entering onto the table, or a favorite soccer player who has been the best striker for the last 5 years is jogging onto the pitch. It can be tempting to see these legendary players and place money on them to win, but a winning streak will end at some point. You shouldn’t rely on past winners to win again. Although your research should tell you who is doing well and who is trailing behind, you should see how they interact with the game in front of you before you place a bet.

There Is Very Rarely A Clear Winner Before A Game

Lots of betting sites will tell you that a particular player is a favorite to win, but this is all a ploy to take your money. From everything we have talked about so far, you know that luck toys with the players are as much as it toys with us.  Try to ignore any flashy bets from the people who want to take your money, and use your own intuition instead.


Lastly, make sure you have a strategy. Big winners at your casino always use a strategy, and they avoid games that don’t involve a strategy.  In your plans, you should think about all the possibilities that the game could go and prepare yourself for these events. This could even include a “cash lost” limit to stop yourself from overspending.  Your strategy doesn’t have to be complicated, but it will help you keep your head when games go off course.

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