8 Best Must-Try Omakase in Philadelphia

8 Best Must-Try Omakase in Philadelphia

8 Best Must-Try Omakase in Philadelphia

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8 Best Must-Try Omakase in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA - No matter where you dine in Philadelphia, an unforgettable omakase experience is guaranteed. From exquisite presentations to unique flavor combinations, these restaurants provide the ultimate dining experience.

The phrase omakase, literally 'I leave it up to you,' is most commonly used when dining at Japanese restaurants where the customer leaves it up to the chef to select and serve seasonal specialties.

So gather up your friends or loved ones and embark on an incredible culinary journey that will leave them wanting more!

1. Hiroki in Fishtown

Hiroki in Fishtown offers an unforgettable omakase experience, with dishes like wagyu beef tongue with gold flakes and poached quail eggs with caviar. A 20-piece omakase menu can be enjoyed for $155, which expertly pairs luxurious ingredients to create a balanced array of flavors exquisitely presented to you in an intimate setting. At the same time, you witness each dish being meticulously prepared by chef Hiroki himself.

2. Royal Sushi & Izakaya in Queen Village

Royal Sushi & Izakaya in Queen Village provides an exquisite 17-course omakase experience for $205, featuring exquisitely prepared fish in an intimate environment that transports you directly to Japan. The chef has thoughtfully created each dish on their menu to highlight each ingredient's flavors and textures; their meticulous attention to detail shows from delicate slices of sashimi to perfectly spiced nigiri bites!

3. Umami Steak and Sushi Bar in Old City

Umami Steak and Sushi Bar in Old City provides an inviting ambiance, adding excitement to your omakase experience. Starting at $150, Umami offers delectable cuts of fish prepared to perfection--such as rich Japanese mackerel and toro tartare that melts in your mouth! Highlights include their succulent Japanese mackerel dish.

4. Kichi Omakase in Midtown Village 

Kichi Omakase in Midtown Village provides an outstanding Omakase dining experience under $100 in an upbeat sushi party environment. Their lively vibe sets an exciting and vibrant ambiance, and their chefs enjoy crafting beautiful yet delectable dishes that showcase fresh fish and sushi chef craftsmanship.

5. Sakana Omakase Sushi in Queen Village

Sakana Omakase Sushi in Queen Village offers a soothing environment to enhance your dining experience. Each meal culminates with a spectacular presentation - such as their colorful uni bowl that delights both eyes and tastebuds - making the meal visually captivating and delectably tasty! Join them today on their culinary adventure through fine cuts of fish and expertly crafted sushi rolls!

6. DAWA Sushi and Ramen Bar in Fishtown

DAWA Sushi and Ramen Bar in Fishtown offers an intimate dining experience through a $125 22-piece omakase menu to showcase their chef's expertise and creativity. Each bite attests to his commitment to using only premium ingredients sourced fresh daily.

7. Double Knot in Midtown Village

Double Knot in Midtown Village is an unassuming gem that offers a delectable chef's tasting menu for $65. Known for their innovative, creative dishes beyond traditional Japanese cuisine, such as their silky salmon sashimi or crispy shrimp taco, each word at Double Knot showcases their chef's unparalleled mastery of flavors and presentation.

8. Zama in Rittenhouse

Zama in Rittenhouse provides two seven-course tasting menus at $65 and $100 to allow guests to select an experience tailored specifically to them. Both menus feature Alaskan king crab and toro for your

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