6 Top Reasons Why Pizza is America’s Go-To Comfort Food

6 Top Reasons Why Pizza is America’s Go-To Comfort Food

Pizza is America’s Go-To Comfort Food

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Pizza is America’s Go-To Comfort FoodPhiladelphia, PA - Pizza is quite possibly the most popular food in America. In fact, recent surveys have shown that at least 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. For many households, pizza is a mealtime staple, and it’s often the number one choice for takeout. With the wide variety of takeout facilities in just about every town in America, why is it that pizza is the favorite? This post explores a few of the top reasons that explain why Americans love pizza more than anyone else on the planet. 

Highly Customizable

Whether you’re making homemade pizza or you’re ordering in, pizza is incredibly versatile and highly customizable. Not only do you have the option of choosing different toppings, but you can also decide whether you want a thick or thin base.

Pizza lovers can also add their own sauces and decide on the size they need to feed everyone in the house. Most pizza places also offer vegan options that are made without cheese or even vegan cheese. Some also offer haram, halal and gluten-free variations, meaning there’s a pizza for everyone!

Options for Every Taste

Americans love pizza so much that they even have pizza slot machines with colorful graphics that will make you crave a slice of your favorite comfort food! With that said, pizza is available in flavors that match every cultural taste. 


If you enjoy Thai food but you’re not really in the mood to cook a full Thai meal, you order a Thai pizza. Feel like a juicy Mexican dish? Once again, you’ll be able to get all the spice and crunch that makes Mexican food so delightful as a topping on your next pizza! 

Great Options for Kids

Another reason that makes pizza a popular go-to dish is that they’re ideal for kids. This is especially the case with small children or toddlers who are just learning to feed themselves. Pizza slices are easy to eat, reducing the need to fuss with spoons or forks, and a slice cut in half can easily be handled by little hands.

A few more reasons why pizza is an excellent choice for kids include:

  • The average slice of pizza contains at least 12 grams of protein which is an excellent way for children to get a daily serving of protein. 
  • Since you can add fresh veggies to your pizza, it’s often the easiest way to get stubborn children to eat their vegetables. 
  • It's an easy way to absorb the antioxidant Lycopene which is found in tomatoes. Lycopene is an excellent way to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.


Keep in mind, though, that pizza should always be served in moderation!


The cost of your pizza is always determined by the toppings and sauces as well as the size you opt for. However, Americans agree–on average, pizza is very inexpensive. It’s quite easy to feed your whole family or a group of guests with just a few pizzas. In fact, you can easily order several different flavors and set up a whole dinner spread! 

Fills You Up

As a comfort food, pizza fills you up. Whether you’re opting for a meaty supreme with extra cheese, a chili chicken with barbeque sauce option, or a vegan variation, a few slices are guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied.


Experts believe that this has to do with our attraction to complex, rich, and fatty foods. With cheese, meat, and sauce, the average pizza offers all of this. Another reason people regard pizza as a filling meal has to do with the glutamate found in tomatoes, cheese, and sausage. Once the taste buds get a whiff of this flavor, you instantly want more!


For many Americans, the main reason pizza is such a popular option is the simplicity of it. After all, it’s as simple as placing an online order, choosing your favorite toppings and your preferred size!

Simplicity makes it the perfect option for movie nights, study sessions, or even when the guys are coming over to watch the game. Additionally, if you’re running late, stuck in traffic, or simply not in the mood to cook dinner, you can just order a pizza or two!

Final Thought

There are many reasons why Americans love pizza. Whether you want a quick and easy meal option or simply enjoy the combination of delicious flavors, the good news is–there’s an affordable pizza that is just a few clicks away! 

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