Top 8 Cheesesteaks by Vote in The Philadelphia Region

Top 8 Cheesesteaks by Vote in The Philadelphia Region

Top 8 Cheesesteaks by Vote in The Philadelphia Region

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Philadelphia, PATop 8 Cheesesteaks by Vote in The Philadelphia Region - A cheesesteak is a classic American sandwich made up of steak sliced thin and cooked on a flat-top grill. Authentic Philadelphia cheesesteaks include a combination of meat, cheese, and bread that may or may not be topped with fried onions. Listed below, we've rounded up 8 of the best that made the cut for The March Cheesesteak Madness 2023 Elite 8 in the Philadelphia Region by Popular Vote.

Leo's Steak Shop

If you're in the mood for a juicy cheesesteak, this veteran sandwich shop is your go-to. Their huge sandwiches come stuffed with steak, and any toppings desired - an excellent value for your money! Leo's has a large fan base for their cheesesteaks, with many people calling them the best in Delaware County. Located in Folcroft, this popular restaurant has won numerous awards for its sandwiches and serves a lot of locals.

Phil & Jim's Steaks & Hoagies

Cheesesteaks are a Philadelphia classic, and there are many excellent places around town to enjoy them. But for the ultimate cheesesteak experience in Delaware County, PA, look no further than Phil & Jim's Steaks & Hoagies in Brookhaven. Whether you need a quick bite or want to stay for a while, Phil & Jim's is your go-to place!

Shank's Original in Philadelphia

South Philly's Shank's Original is a small outpost along the waterfront, but they make one of the city's best cheesesteaks. They serve the classic cheesesteak with no frills, but you should also grab their chicken cutlet sandwiches! It's a little pricey, but it is worth the trip! You won't find another place in the city with such a fantastic sandwich.

Angelo's Pizzeria in Philadelphia

Angelo's Pizzeria is a popular pizza and sandwich shop in South Philly. It has a large customer base, and people travel all over to try their famous pizza and cheesesteaks. In addition to cheesesteaks, Angelo's has several other sandwiches popular among customers.

Tony's of West Reading

Tony's of West Reading serves up some of the best cheesesteaks in Berks County. They offer a wide variety of sandwiches, including roast pork, chicken cutlets, and steaks on freshly baked bread. It's a neighborhood counter offering sliced beef on rolls with or without onions and sloping them down with Whiz when asked. They're cheap and straightforward, but the meat is juicy and flavorful.

Marrone Delicatessen

Marrone Delicatessen in West Grove, Pennsylvania, offers various delicious hoagies, steaks, pizza, and deli items with catering service and delivery since 1972. The shop offers traditional Italian cuisine in a family-friendly atmosphere. This is an excellent option for those looking to experience a classic Philly cheesesteak without breaking the bank.

Meatheadz Cheesesteaks

Jim Pappas has eaten over 1000 cheesesteaks in the past few years and claims that Meatheadz Cheesesteaks in Lawrence Township is the best cheesesteak in New Jersey. A big reason for this is that the meat, bread, and cheese are all distributed evenly throughout the sandwich, with every bite containing a steak, bread, cheese, and onions. It's a critical component of a great cheesesteak.

Donkey's Place

One of the best cheesesteaks in New Jersey and Delaware is at Donkey's Place, located in Camden. This vintage small local bar has a very small-town nostalgia, and the people who work there are friendly, happy, and very welcoming to everyone that walks through their doors. The cheesesteaks at Donkey's Place are slightly different from your standard long Philly roll, which makes them unique. Instead of the typical hoagie roll, Donkey's uses a poppy seed kaiser roll.

The 2023 Championship PhillyBite Magazines - Cheesy Cup

PhillyBite Magazine and Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure run the contest.  This year's competition will award the coveted Cheesy Cup, voted on by a combination of "The Peoples Vote" online and The "Judges Votes" for the Final four and champion. Vote For Your Favirote Below!

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