The Judges Vote For Philadelphia's Best Cheesesteak

The Judges Vote For Philadelphia's Best Cheesesteak

The Judges Vote For Philadelphia's Best Cheesesteak

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The Judges Vote For Philadelphia's Best CheesesteakPhiladelphia, PA - We are back in the Philadelphia region for the second group of cheesesteaks. We did the judging at Pennsport Beer Boutique. If you follow me, you’ve seen me there before. This is an exciting group of four cheesesteaks; Charlie’s Roast Pork, Avenue Steaks & Pizza, Cleaver’s & Tony Luke’s.

Charlie’s Roast Pork, Avenue Steaks & Pizza, Cleaver’s & Tony Luke’s

If they were a band, I think they would be called Tony Luke’s and the new kids on the block. Tony Luke is well known for serving cheesesteaks under I-95. I don’t know how long ago they started ‘finish’ baking their rolls on location, but I like it, I like it a lot. Charlie’s Roast Pork is the number one seed, and as you know, I spend a lot of time at Charlie’s. Cleaver’s is one of my favorite brunch spots. A cheesesteak with beautifully prepared mushrooms and a boozy milkshake is my kind of brunch. Avenue Steaks & Pizza, the newest kid on the block, Oregon Ave. Avenue Steaks has helped soften my position on ‘slab/ribbon’ cheesesteaks.

Special guest judge Lewie the Foodie and his wife/camerawoman Lizzie. They were a lot of fun. I hope they are still married. If you find Lewie on Instagram, you will get a much description of the night than I am providing here. Lewie taught me a new phrase I want to use; I just have to find where I wrote it down. ‘Intellectual’ something, it’s good. I’ll find it. 10% ABV in the slushies is real. Sorry, I am hard to understand in the videos.

2022 March Cheesesteak Madness is 64 entry bracket-style cheesesteak tournament. Same 64 cheesesteaks and two brackets.
  • A people’s bracket, completed by online voting.
  • A Judge’s bracket, conducted by the Judge eating each cheesesteak.

The People’s bracket is complete, and Donkey’s Place won. Now it is time for the Judges to eat their way through the 64 cheesesteaks. The Judge's bracket is a big time and gastronomic commitment, but I enjoy it. I watch my new judges go through the three emotional stages of judging cheesesteaks.

  • Stage 1, Confidence. ‘I have been eating cheesesteaks my whole life. This is going to be easy.’
  • Stage 2, Confusion. Oh my goodness, these cheesesteaks are so different.
  • Stage 3, Jim, you are much more handsome in person - not a stage, just making sure you are paying attention. Stage 3, Confrontation with reality. Do I have to pick a winner?

The logistics of judging; The 64 Cheesesteaks are broken into four regions; 1. Philadelphia. 2. Delaware County. 3. NJ/DE. 4. The Other Counties (primarily Montgomery, Chester, and Bucks). We judge four cheesesteaks at a time. We use my five categories 20 points for each scoring system. Depending on where the cheesesteak places are, we go to each place or take the cheesesteaks to a central location. Availability of alcohol is a factor in deciding where we eat the cheesesteaks. We judge four cheesesteaks at a time to get through 2 rounds. Cheesesteak 1 vs. cheesesteak 2. Cheesesteak 3 vs. cheesesteak 4. The winners go head to head. Do you want to judge? Contact me

Missed a video? Want to see more videos? All of my videos are on my YouTube Channel, Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure. I’ve eaten, reviewed, and videoed over 1,000 different cheesesteaks in the last four years. All of the videos are on my YouTube channel with the same basic title; Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at…….. …… being the name of the cheesesteak place. Easy to search for your favorite cheesesteak spot.

  • Charlie’s Roast Pork - 1301 S 3rd St vs. Avenue Steaks & Pizza - 2655 S Jupiter St
  • Cleaver’s - 108 S 18th St vs. The Original Tony Luke’s -39 E Oregon Ave

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Jim PappasThe Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure -   Hi, my name is Jim Pappas, and I have eaten hundreds of different cheesesteaks in the last year. A year ago, on May 16, 2018, I started my Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure to find the ultimate cheesesteak. To see more great cheesesteak places, check out my website at The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.

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