Philly Cheesesteak vs. New Orleans Po’ Boy

Philly Cheesesteak vs. New Orleans Po’ Boy

Philly Cheesesteak vs. New Orleans Po’ Boy

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Philadelphia, PAPhilly Cheesesteak vs. New Orleans Po’ Boy - Philly Cheesesteak vs. New Orleans Po'Boy, let's check them out. While you can find cheesesteaks in New Orleans and Po'Boys in Philadelphia, which is better?

 Philly Cheesesteak vs. New Orleans Po'Boy

Philly Cheesesteak vs. New Orleans Po’ BoyLet's start with the Po'Boy, Poh Boy, or Poor Boy? Whatever they call it! It's comes stuffed with either oysters, catfish, shrimp with fried green tomatoes, soft-shelled crab, roast beef, sausage (That a lot of choices). This New Orleans sandwich, traditionally described as packed with either fried seafood or perhaps roasted meats, is no doubt delicious.

On the other hand, the Philly cheesesteak is made on a long soft roll with a thinly sliced or chopped rib-eye steak. The onions are grilled along with your choice of American, Whiz, or Provolone cheese. Moreover, delicious as well.

So, precisely what do a New Orleans Po'boy and Philadelphia cheesesteaks have actually in common? They're both sandwiches, right! However, thoughtfully, these regional specialties are best made in small mom and pop shops and purchased in their region by local shops that take great pride in their city's "favorite" sandwiches. Other than that their both unique regional sandwiches, loved throughout the country.

As for the cheesesteaks, let's face it. Everyone loves a cheesesteak, and unlike the fancy Po'boy, it's not designed to be gourmet, and it's meant to be Philly! While the Po'boy certainly offers a taste of Louisiana's deep culinary history.

Let's face it; the Po'Boy is just a whole bunch of different specialty sandwiches with the same name. It does not have accurate clear-cut identification. While the Philly cheesesteak, on the other hand, Philly cheesesteak is the most well-known regional and national recognition sandwich due to its simple straight forward ingredients; a lengthy roll, thinly sliced steak, cheese, and onions.

However, You decide.

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