How To Choose The Right Cutting Board

How To Choose The Right Cutting Board


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Philadelphia, PAPhillyBite Cutting Boards - You have used it each and every day in the Kitchen and yet you most likely will never give it a second thought. It's that Chopping Board the heavy board you make use of for chopping, cutting and slicing and dicing in your kitchen.

Anytime you purchase a new board, you will find there tends to be loads of choices such as wood, glass, marble, plastic and a lot more.

Glass and Marble boards may perhaps look nice however they bring mayhem on your kitchen knives. The tough surface is going to rapidly dull your blades and damages it’s edge.

When it comes to wooden as well as plastic boards, even culinary experts are generally split as to which one is better. It can come down to individual preference. And my own opinion is definitely solid wood.

Why because wood boards are usually heavy and far less likely to slide. They are usually also a lot more attractive and also can easily be utilized to serve food items to the dining table.

Whatever kind you decide on, it is very important it gets cleaned well. Dangerous bacteria can easily reproduce on your board and trigger serious food poisoning to your guest.

It’s also a good move to own more than one board, in order to prevent cross-contamination. Maintain one for uncooked meats and also one for fruits and veggies. Or perhaps take it to the extreme like professional chefs do and use 5 separate colored boards.

  • Red – Raw Meats
  • Yellow – Poultry
  • Blue – Seafood
  • Green – Fruit and Vegetables
  • White – General

And so, when you board is beginning to look a little bit worse for wear, perhaps it is time for a brand-new one. And now you should be well informed in order to go with the best choice for your personal needs.

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