9 Best: Must-Try Cheesesteak in South Philly

Best Places To Find a Cheesesteak in South Philly: Nearly every pizza shop on any corner of every neighborhood in the city serves up the mouth-watering delicacy. Here are a few notable South Philadelphia spots:

Best Places To Find a Cheesesteak in South Philly

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South Philly Cheesesteak ShowdownPhiladelphia, PA—While the iconic rivalry between Pat's and Geno's in South Philadelphia may dominate the cheesesteak conversation, a world of flavor awaits beyond those famous corners. From hidden gems to neighborhood favorites, these nine establishments offer a diverse and delicious take on the city's signature sandwich.

South Philly Cheesesteak Showdown: 9 Must-Try Spots Beyond Pat's and Geno's

1. Angelo's Pizzeria

While primarily known for pizza, Angelo's also crafts a mean cheesesteak. With rave reviews and a loyal following, their cheesesteak quickly becomes a favorite among locals and tourists. Be prepared for lines out the door while waiting to sample this iconic Philly sandwich.

2. Woodrow's Sandwich Shop

Nestled on South Street, Woodrow's has quickly become a local favorite, with many proclaiming it the "best cheesesteak in Philly." Their signature "Whiz Wit" features shaved ribeye, caramelized onions, homemade cherry pepper mayo, and a decadent truffle-infused cheese sauce.

3. Gooey Looies

Tucked away in the Girard Estates neighborhood, Gooey Looies is a hidden gem known for its massive and affordable cheesesteaks. Their generously portioned sandwiches, packed with thinly sliced ribeye and melted cheese, will satisfy even the most ravenous appetite.

4. Jaxx Steaks Taproom

This Pennsport newcomer has quickly gained a loyal following for its classic cheesesteaks with a modern twist. Their menu features a variety of options, from the traditional "Whiz Wit" to the more adventurous "Steak & Eggs" with a fried egg and Cooper sharp cheese.

5. Oregon Steaks

This South Philly institution is a late-night favorite. It serves greasy, cheesy cheesesteaks that are perfect for soaking up a night of revelry. The fast service and no-frills atmosphere make it a popular spot for locals and tourists.

6. Jim's South Street

Another South Street icon, Jim's Steaks, is known for its long lines and delicious cheesesteaks. Their thinly sliced ribeye melted cheese, and caramelized onions are a classic combination that never disappoints.

7. Avenue Steaks & Pizza

This South Philly spot offers a double dose of deliciousness. It serves cheesesteaks and pizza, which are known for their generous portions and flavorful toppings.

8. Rocco's Italian Sausage & Cheese Steaks

This Delaware Avenue establishment may be a surprise contender, but its cheesesteaks have earned rave reviews from locals. Thinly sliced ribeye, gooey cheese, and perfectly seasoned onions create a symphony of flavors that rival the city's most famous cheesesteak joints.

9. Cosmi's Deli

For decades, this Italian Market staple has been a go-to spot for hoagies and cheesesteaks. Their classic cheesesteak, made with thinly sliced ribeye, melted provolone, and grilled onions, is a testament to the deli's commitment to quality ingredients and traditional recipes.

Angelos CheesesteaksWhether you're a lifelong Philadelphian or a visitor seeking an authentic cheesesteak experience, South Philly's vibrant culinary scene has something to offer everyone. So, grab a napkin and explore these nine exceptional establishments to taste the city's iconic sandwich.




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